Sir Elton John received a coin from the British Royal Forges

The first coin of the British Royal Forge was won in January 2020 by the legendary music group Queen. So this is the second coin in the series to pay tribute to British bands and singers. Legendary seventy-three-year-old gay singer Elton John has sold over 300 million albums so far. He managed to raise nearly half a billion dollars to fight HIV / AIDS. Sir Elton John also became a knight in 1998 for his many merits in music and charity. On the coin of the royal smithy he appears in legendary spectacles and a hat, designed by artist Bradley Morgan Johnson.


“It is a great honor to receive recognition in this form,” John said in a statement.
His Elton John AIDS Foundation has donated about $ 450 million since it was founded in 1992.
‘Elton is without a doubt a British music legend and one of the most successful singers and authors of his generation,’ said Clare Maclennan, director at the Royal Forge.
Elton John’s songs have followed my entire upbringing so I can only say, “Bravo legend. Well deserved.”

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