Caribbean Cruise and Basic Tips for Boat Travel

It is necessary to pack the following things (on any cruise/boat trips):
1. Summer clothes (cotton or linen). Every evening on the boats is themed, so it is recommended to bring more formal clothes and high-heeled shoes or flat elegant shoes.
2. Sports clothes and sneakers are required to use the gym on boats. On-board gyms generally offer a variety of group workouts which is good for burning calories.
3. Necessary clothing items are: jacket, pocket, because the ships have strong air conditioning in all rooms.
4. A raincoat will certainly come in handy for rainy walks in places where the boat docks in ports.
5. A small travel iron should be brought because ironing is extra.
6. A copy of the passport and a copy of the visa should be taken on any trip.
7. You do not need to carry a large amount of cash because on ships everything is paid by card.
8. It is important to have a visa for the destination at least a month before the start of the trip.
9. Download useful applications for all destinations during the trip (Uber, etc.).
10. Check the monetary currencies in the countries to which the ship is traveling / cruising and adjust accordingly. Although in most countries of the world the US dollar is accepted for use.
The world is changing too fast and today is a day that lasts a full 24 hours for many people. Therefore, every opportunity and opportunity should be used to travel and explore new locations. Pictures, memories and fond memories remain behind each new destination. The Caribbean trip / cruise should begin by selecting the date, duration of the cruise and route via the MSC cruise portal. The two-week Caribbean route includes departures from Miami, Saint Martin, Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. The agency adapts the route to the wishes and needs of passengers. You can choose a route lasting seven days.
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First, make a phone call to the agency in which you will explain how much budget you have, what kind of cabins you are interested in, what is the price daily packages with unlimited drinks, prices for all additional fees. Then you will have a complete picture of your ideal cruise / trip. Then you get an email that contains all the price different packages. If you do not live in Miami then you need to look at the air ticket to Miami. Prices vary and vary throughout the year (500-800 Euros from most European destinations). Obtaining a U.S. tourist visa is also one of the costs.
After you buy plane tickets to Miami try to stay a few days on Ocean Drive (Miami).
Top 5 Destinations in Miami, Florida:
1. Visit Ocean Drive and try some of the great cocktails (Margarita, Corona, etc.).
2. Visit the romantic Key West and the house of the famous Ernest Hemingway.
3 Visit the Everglades National Park famous for its airboat tour with crocodiles.
4. Take a walk along the long white beaches. Take a picture next to a house from Baywatch in the position of Pamela Anderson.
5. Visit huge outlets with low prices: Dolphin Mall, Sawgrass Mills, Florida Keys.
Boarding the ship is followed by a welcome drink. This is followed by a survey of the ship. The cabins with balconies are beautiful. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you are lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and wake up at sunrise in the middle of the ocean. Food on board is available at all times. Tamti parties and a la carte dinners take place every day in the restaurants on board. Then you can go to one of the theater performances or visit one of the clubs, bars or party on the deck of the boat. Shopping areas usually cover the entire floor or several floors. There are duty free shops and other shops. On board, hairdressers, make-up artists, massages, spa treatments, gyms and all-day programs that animate board guests are offered. The first stop is St. Martin’s Island. There is no need to pay extra for excursions here because the island is quite small. Visit Maho Bay Beach on the island next to the runway. The following destinations are in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. The Bahamas is a paradise on Earth with crystal clear sea and white fine sand. The whole island is a tax free zone. In the Bahamas, it is recommended to visit the most expensive hotel in the world, the Atlantis Hotel. The price of the most expensive room is 25,000 USA. Inside this hotel is the largest aquarium in the world open to visitors. The interval between destinations is one or two days. Then disembarks. The following destinations are Mexico, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Mexico is a great country and a paradise for all adventurers and passionate travelers. Visit the ancient city of Maya on the Mexican island of Consumel. Porto Rico is small and you will quickly cross it. In Jamaica, visit the famous Sand Dunes Falls. Here you can hike through the waterfalls to the top. It only takes a few hours to create energy and wonderful memories at each of the destinations.
The boats offer a variety of activities for children. There are playrooms, bowling alleys, zipplines, and swimming pools with slides where children can have a great time. Every Cruiser is definitely a place you will always be happy to remember and remember. There is a relaxed and good atmosphere here. The most beautiful side of any boat trip are the people and the various cultures from which the travelers come. Each trip broadens horizons, gives us a new knowledge and creates new memories to remember.

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