Healing power and energy of the Pyramid of the Sun, Moon and Dragon in Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is the world’s largest complex of pyramidal buildings. It consists of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (Visočica), which is over 220 meters high and much higher than the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (Plješevica) is 190 meters high. The third hill is the Pyramid of the Bosnian Dragon (Buci) of 90 meters. There are cultivated elevations of the Temple of Mother Earth (Krstac) and the Pyramid of Love (Cemerac) on the site.
The pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon form a regular equilateral triangle. The distance between the peaks is 2,170 meters. The orientation of the sides of all the pyramids is correct towards the cosmic north. In the conclusions of the First International Scientific Conference on the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in August 2008, fifty-five leading world experts (from 13 countries) concluded that “the Bosnian pyramids are an archaeological phenomenon that needs intensive research.”
The healing energy of the Bosnian pyramids
The underground prehistoric labyrinth of Ravna, below the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, is open in the length of 2.4 km. It measured the beneficial energies of the pyramids (28 kHz electromagnetism and ultrasound, 7.83 Hz – original Schumann resonance), extremely high concentration of medicinal negative ions of 20,000-30,000 ni / ccm (twenty times higher than in the mountains in the pine forest), absence harmful cosmic radiation, underground natural radioactivity, Wi-Fi and cell phone signals. This created a completely protected underground structure in which the process of regeneration and self-healing begins. So far, several hundred testimonies have been registered, ranging from a reduction in high blood glucose levels, blood pressure and pain to a significant improvement in very serious health challenges (tumors, Parkinson’s disease, etc.).
The conclusion is that one of the purposes of pyramid energy is to protect health.
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Mr. Semir Sam Osmanagić is known as the Bosnian Indiana Jones. Mr. Osmanagić is a doctor of sociology in the field of sociology of history. With incredible perseverance and despite criticism, he constantly promotes and propagates, theorizes and proves in practice that the hills near Visoko (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) are in fact Bosnian pyramids.
The story of the Bosnian pyramids has become commercially viable. Behind Osmanagić today stands a strong “alternative” scientific community. He is supported by numerous experts from reputable universities, especially American ones. The conclusion boils down to the factual situation on the ground and the broader commercial context within the networked world, universal digitization and globalization. In the existence of the Bosnian pyramids, it is difficult to reject everything that Osmanagić has so far researched, documented and spread around the world the story of the hills near the small Bosnian town of Visoko.
Excavations at the foot of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the discovery of crystalline concrete in November 2017 confirmed that the height of the pyramid exceeds 270 meters, which significantly exceeds the height of the Pyramid of Cheops by 146 meters – according to Osmanagic and experts. The cleaning of the network of prehistoric underground tunnels in Ravna led to the discovery of a new 250 meters of tunnels in 2017. The age of the pyramids and tunnels of 30,000 years has forever changed European and world history. Physicists and engineers measured the existence of Tesla’s scalar waves at the top of the Bosnian pyramids and thus proved the true purpose of the pyramids as energy machines. Archeology and science have taken a revolutionary step forward in Bosnia and Herzegovina and rejected the dogma of pyramids as tombs.
VOLUNTEERING: The Archaeological Park Foundation – Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, manages the most open archaeological project in the world. There is no room for secrets or elite science. In the last eight years, more than 3,000 volunteers from 62 countries and from six continents have volunteered in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. In that way, Bosnia and Herzegovina got the best ambassadors. The call for volunteers is already open for June – September this year.
HEALING OF TUNNELS: Exposure to the energy of the pyramids, high concentrations of negative ions and the absence of harmful radiation in the tunnels of Ravna has led to a series of testimonies about the healing properties of staying in the underground network of tunnels. The last example is vision improvement. Complete explanations and other video testimonials can be viewed on the Foundation’s official website.
RAVNE 2 PARK: The beautiful energy, recreational and natural park ‘Ravne 2’, in the immediate vicinity of the Ravne tunnel, became an outstanding attraction during 2017. In the new year, 2018, new facilities will be added, including a closed hall for lectures, workshops and workshops in case of rain. In this way, the offer for ‘team building’ activities, for yoga, meditation, concerts and recreation of all visitors will be completed.
SUMMER SOLSTICY: The celebration of the arrival of the first day of summer, June 21, 2018, will be marked by a seven-day festival and fair in the park ‘Ravne 2’, which will be marked by spiritual music, messages of peace and love for the whole world.
VISIT TO THE PYRAMIDS: The Foundation takes tourism very seriously. All locations are open every day, the tunnels can be visited 24 hours a day (with an announcement for night visits), 18 official guides speak the world’s major languages, and a smile is indispensable for every employee of the Foundation. For those who have the ambition to gain a deeper knowledge of the pyramids, there is always the opportunity to join seven-day groups hosted by the discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids, Dr. Semir Osmanagić, three times a year (April, June and September).
The most active archeological site of the Archaeological Park Foundation – Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Ravne Underground Labyrinth, was the location of an interesting pilot study during August 2016. Guided by constant positive testimonies of tourists, the Foundation’s team realized a long-standing idea to examine measurable health parameters for project participants. In collaboration with medical students, and led by Emina Karamehić, the study was conducted in the midst of the tourist season.
The foundation covered all costs of financing the project. A total of 20 respondents were included, for whom all the costs of laboratory findings in the Visoko Health Center were paid. Subjects were divided into two groups, for which a testing algorithm was predetermined: they performed blood and urine findings after which a mobile team composed of medical students measured their blood pressure, blood sugar and pulse values. They also filled in the subjective scales for assessing the problems on the spot, after which they stayed in the healing chamber of the Ravna labyrinth (where the highest concentration of beneficial negative ions was measured) for one hour. After the visit, identical analyzes were performed. Each subject went through this algorithm twice at seven-day intervals.
The results of the study were surprising and very positive: in laboratory findings, a slowing of erythrocyte sedimentation rate was observed in almost all subjects after the first visit, which indicates that the processes of strengthening immunity and preventing infections began almost immediately. Calming or even complete resolution of urinary tract infections was observed in all subjects who had pathological values ​​in the findings after the first test, and a decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride values ​​in a few. The results of the mobile team were excellent: in the vast majority of respondents, stabilization of the measured parameters in the direction of physiological values ​​was registered.
The significance of the study is reflected in the quantification and objectification of positive experiences that have become a recognizable brand of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Although the sample is small, the results are excellent and indicate the need for further research, so it is desirable to conduct a study on a larger sample, which is planned as soon as funds are secured.
More information can be found at the links: http://www.piramidasunca.ba
Sources: http://www.dalmacijadanas.hr

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