Books recommended (Christel Petitcollin, Daphne du Maurier, Louise May Alcott and Adrian McKinty)

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I Think too much (by Christel Petitcollin)- Who knew being intelligent could create such suffering and unhappiness? Yet, I often receive people in consultation who complain about overthinking. Their minds never let them rest, even at night. They are fed up with their doubts, their questions, their acute awareness of things, their overdeveloped senses, unable to miss any detail. They just want to disconnect their minds, but they mostly suffer from being different, misunderstood and hurt by today’s world. They often conclude by: ‘I am not from this planet!’ This book offers tools and piloting lessons for these overefficient brains.
Little women (by Louise May Alcott )- for generations, readers around the world have loved the March Sisters. The novel The Little Women is the most beloved and longest-running novel by writer Louise May Alcott. We meet women who are close and together: the gifted Jo, the future writer, the fragile and tragic Beth, the beautiful Meg, and the spoiled and romantic Amy. We follow these women as they struggle with the hardships and uncertainties that accompany growing up in New England, during the American Civil War.
“Rebecca”(by Daphne du Maurier).With several million copies sold worldwide, Rebecca has become an unavoidable world classic. The novel Rebecca is on the lists of many readers ’favorite books. In 2000, Rebecca’s book was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best Work Written in the 20th Century. On the renowned Goodreads page, which is followed by millions of readers, Rebecca received a high rating from almost half a million users (4.27 out of a maximum of 5)
During her stay in southern France, the shy heroine Rebecca falls in love with Maxime de Winter, a rich, handsome widower. But when they arrive in Manderley, his mansion in Cornwall, Max becomes different and his bride begins to fear. Without a friend, in a secluded house, she realizes that she hardly knows the man she married. In every corner of every room dwells the spirit of his beautiful first wife, Rebecca.

About the author: Daphne du Maurier was born in London. Daphne is the daughter of the famous actor and manager Sir Gerald du Maurier and the grandson of George du Maurier, a writer and artist. As a passionate reader, she was fascinated by imaginary worlds from an early age. Daphne even created a male alter ego for herself. After an education at home and in Paris, in 1928 she began writing short stories, plays, biographies, and articles. Her first novel, The Spirit of Love, was published in 1931. A biography of her father and three other novels followed. She broke through and became famous only with the novel Rebecca. Films based on her novels were later awarded, and in 1969 she was awarded the title of Lady. Today, there are numerous screen adaptations of Rebecca’s novel. The filming of director Alfred Hitchcock attracted the most attention and awards. Hitchcock’s film adaptation won two prestigious Oscars in 1940 in the categories for best film and best photography.
The Chain (by Adrian McKinty)- is a suspenseful thriller. You received a call from an unknown number: your child has been abducted. If you want to see him again, you will have to kidnap someone else’s child. But that’s not all, they will only let him go when the parents of the child you abducted also abduct someone’s child. If the chain does not continue, your son or daughter will pay the worst price… Now you are part of the chain too. You are not the first, and certainly not the last…
Rachel Klein had just left her daughter at the station where she usually waited for the school bus, then continued on with her work, as she had every day until then. But one call from an unknown number will change her life: a female voice on the other end of the phone just informs her that her daughter has been abducted, and if she wants to see her alive again, she has to pay a ransom and then kidnap someone else’s child. Rachel is clearly not an ordinary kidnapping…
“A true masterpiece! You’ve never read anything like Lance and you’ll hardly ever forget it. ”DON WINSLOW
“A tense, full-blooded thriller that fully justifies all the words of praise written about him…” GUARDIAN


“The book everyone talks about” MIRROR

“A real nightmare, an extremely tense and original story. You won’t be able to get it out of your head just like that. ” STEPHEN KING

Adrian McKinty (1968) is an award-winning Irish writer, critic and one of the big new stars on the international crime literature scene. Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he studied philosophy at Oxford University and then moved to the United States. Numerous international magazines, newspapers, and associations (including the London Times, the American Library Association, the Daily Mail, the Boston Globe, and the Irish Times) named his novels with Sean Duffy the best crime novel of the year. He is a two-time winner of the Ned Kelly Award and the winner of the Edgar, Barry, Audie and Anthony Awards. His latest novel, The Chain (2019), has been published in more than 40 countries. He currently lives in New York.

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