Please Do Not Forget Srebrenica (11 July 1995-11 July 2020)

Solidarity is our human obligation.

The flower of Srebrenica, or the flower of “Memory”, is an unofficial symbol of the genocide in Srebrenica that took place during the 1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The flower was designed by women from the association “Gračaničko keranje” from Gračanica, and was first presented to the public on July 1, 2011.
Do you know how the Flower “Memory” came into being, a work of art whose symbolism keeps from oblivion the most horrible genocide committed since the Second World War, the genocide in Srebrenica? It was created in the small Bosnian town of Gračanica.
The small “Bosnian room” which is located in the building of the former Gračanica madrasa is the place where this recognizable flower was created and where the old Bosnian traditional craft – keranje – is kept from oblivion.
These premises are the seat of the association “Gračaničko keranje”, which was founded in 2006 with the initial thirty members. They wanted to preserve traditional handicrafts as one of the oldest crafts in the municipality of Gracanica and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lace – kera, as an imperishable and invaluable artistic value in Bosnia and Herzegovina in its original form, has survived only in the Gračanica area, and survives precisely thanks to the work of hardworking enthusiasts gathered in the association “Gračanica Keranje”.
We wanted to bring together as many women as possible who know the technique of riding. In the beginning there were thirty members, and now there are several hundred, so we are one real organization that has an army of knowledge and skills. Keranje is handmade, the oldest craft in BiH that has been preserved and nurtured in these areas. We want to emphasize this value, because driving is a technique that is really difficult to make and is very demanding, and it is done with an ordinary sewing needle and thread, “said Azemina Ahmedbegović, president of the Women’s Association” Gračanica Keranje “, adding that it is important that this tradition is passed on to the younger generation.
In 2011, the Association designed and promoted the “Memory” Flower in the hope that the greatest suffering of people in Europe after the Second World War will not be forgotten. At that time, more than 15,000 flowers were distributed in cities throughout BiH, but also abroad, and the public learned about this infinitely sad and shocking symbol for the first time.
Why does the Srebrenica flower look like that?
The flower is a symbol of the fight against genocide and mass suffering of people.
It consists of 11 white petals and a green pistil, which have their own special message.
White symbolizes innocence and is a symbol of innocent victims of genocide, green is a symbol of hope, but also awakening and carries the message and desire that all citizens regardless of religion and nation throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, region, Europe and the world wake up and do not forget the horrors the genocide and suffering that Bosniaks went through. Eleven petals of this flower represent July 11, 1995.
“Hope is the most we look at. This flower represents the hope for a better future, which we want to provide to everyone, as well as the memory of what was and the desire to never happen to anyone again. Our wish is for this flower to be given away, not to be commercialized “, says Azemina and says:” The flower is not only for Srebrenica, it also represents each of us and we are all Srebrenica. The flower has found its way to people and has been very well received. It was as if he was waiting for someone to make it. ”…


  1. Dear Lookoom,

    Yes, atrocities have been repeated once again in Vukovar and Srebrenica, Sarajevo and many other places all over the region during the war 1992-1995 even if we have said “Never again” after the Second World war is finished. But thanks to the great Americans The Dayton Peace Agreement have been signed in November 1995 and the war (genocide) suddenly stopped.


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