The story of the spice: salt

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One story from ancient times says that the king asked his daughters to tell him how much they loved him. In expressing love for the father, each daughter tried to surpass that previous daughter. The youngest daughter stated that “she loves her father like salt in the kitchen”. My father did not like this statement. He rejects his “ungrateful daughter”. The youngest daughter then decides not to make any food in the kitchen that contains salt. It was then that the father (king) realized how important salt was in life and more important than many treasures in life.
Many salt-free dishes are tasteless and bland. Since man loses a lot of salt through sweat and urine, man could not live long without salt. If people do not ingest enough salt to make up for the loss then various symptoms occur: nausea, loss of consciousness, and mild fever. If a person travels to the tropics, more salt should be used. Just take a cup of delicious broth in the morning instead of salty pills. Also too much salt in the human body can be harmful. Professor K. D. Bock stated at a congress of blood circulation specialists that “salt-sensitive people get high blood pressure.” In many people who have high blood pressure, the cause is sodium from table salt. That is why these people should drastically limit the use of table salt in their diet. In most cases, it is enough to apply a diet that uses 5 to 7 grams of salt in one day (this should be combined with weight loss – if it is fattening) to normalize blood pressure. A person does not need more than 1 to 3 grams of salt per day. Consumption of table salt can be limited by applying the following measures:
1. Many people before trying a dish-salted dish. This salting of dishes should be given up.
2. Acidic water often contains significant amounts of table salt. You need to buy acidic water with a small amount of sodium in its content.
3. Mothers should not salt baby food to their liking. Babies like sweet food. A mother with salting will not make the baby’s food tastier than the possible appearance of high blood pressure.

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