Vitamins against depression and constant fatigue

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Which food is the healthiest? What meals to take to preserve the vitality of the organism?
Vitamin experts say that you can become more energetic and overcome fatigue if you use foods rich in vitamins. “Most adults probably suffer from chronic vitamin deficiency,” says American Robert Benovicz (author of a book on vitamins). “Since your body cannot synthesize the necessary vitamins and thus regulates biochemical functions, you constantly need to supply it with food. Vitamin deficiency often causes symptoms of a disease typical of modern life (exhaustion and fatigue). One of the interesting facts about Benovicz’s diet is that you don’t need to worry about the amount of food you eat but about what foods you consume. Most Americans eat enough but do not take enough vitamins to prevent fatigue. Most human habits destroy vitamins. This destruction is done by taking alcohol, antibiotics, air pollution, oral contraceptives, aspirin and aspirin substitutes. “Lack of vitality and fatigue are some of the indicators that the vitamin content in food causes a condition that is far from normal,” says Benovicz-. Lack of thiamine, vitamin B1 can cause fatigue, depression and irritability. This vitamin is found in cereals, ham, veal kidneys, eggs, plums, pears and grapes. Vitamin B2 deficiency can also cause fatigue. The main sources of this vitamin are veal liver, heart and kidneys, milk, cereals, eggs and vegetables. Vitamins work together and their use requires them to be used in appropriate proportions. Robert Benovicz suggests the following remedy against fatigue:
Vitamin menu:
1. Take B complex every day for breakfast and dinner. Also take 5000 i.j. (international unit) of vitamin A, at least 1000 i.j. vitamin E, 1000-2000 i.j. vitamin C and 400 mg of vitamin D.
2. Even the best culinary methods destroy the content of vitamins in food. So use as many uncooked foods as possible. When cooking vegetables, make them crispy (preferably undercooked).
3. Don’t buy fruit that is already ripe. Buy solid fruit. Allow the fruit to ripen at room temperature. Buy fruit at least two to three days before use.
4. Wait until the last minute to cut or peel the food. Most vitamins are lost within 15 minutes.
5. Eat white portions of orange and grapefuita.

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