Every plant is medicinal if people use it properly (Part One)

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Although we live in the era of modern medicine we need to know that natural death comes according to the eternal laws of a powerful nature. Sickness and poverty come through ignorance and ignorance, and through human negligence and carelessness. People’s health is most important because without health, people cannot enjoy the fruits of their labor, in the goal they win in the race against time and the realization of dreams (desires) that people “chase” every day. Plants are present all around us. Every plant is useful and medicinal if people know how to use it properly. To find herbs and plants, stop for a moment and look around. Enjoy nature and natural benefits because we do not buy plants but grow and harvest them ourselves.
Marshmallow-cures children and adults, cleans stains on clothes (lat. Althea officinalis). This is a perennial plant that grows up to 2 meters in height. It has whitish and shallowly cut leaves soft under the fingers. The tree is simple, slightly shelled and erect. The flowers are pale pink. It grows in humid places. Especially on river islands and floodplains near larger rivers. The root is peeled and white. Marshmallow root has 30 to 35% mucus, 35% starch and 10% sugar and pectin and other ingredients. The main healing factor is marshmallow mucus. Marshmallow cures the ailments of children and adults. It is effective in combating chest pain, hoarseness, shortness of breath, coughing, spitting blood from the mouth, and other lung diseases. Marshmallow mixed with marshmallow and ungulate gives a healing fluid. Mix this liquid with honey and a small admixture of nishador (on the tip of a knife) to treat the oldest cough that throws blood.
Nishador is Ammonia chloride, powder; serves in engineering and medicine
Ammonium chloride (NH4 Cl), salm; it tastes spicy-salty and dissolves in water; serves as a medicine, for building ammonia, filling Leclanche elements, in soldering and tinning of metals, etc.In case of tonsillitis, the throat should be rinsed with marshmallow tea (once every hour). In inflammatory processes of the ovaries and uterus, the female genitals should be rinsed inside and out (twice a day). Medicinal tea with marshmallow should rinse your mouth often for toothache and pain due to a broken tooth. The tea dressing should be warm. Marshmallow and especially the root cleans stains on clothes. Finely chop the marshmallow root and place in warm water. Soak a clean cotton cloth in this liquid and pass it over the stain on the clothes. Marshmallow can be grown and nurtured in your home. Marshmallow root is especially suitable for storing macerates (cold medicinal liquid for cough in children). Pour 200 tablespoons of finely chopped marshmallow root with 200 to 300 grams of plain clean cold water. Stir well. Leave for half an hour in a covered bowl.
Stir several times during this time. Then strain through a clean and sparse cloth. Only medicinal mucus is extracted in this way. The resulting liquid can be boiled once more or sweetened with honey (or sugar). Drink one cup of coffee several times a day.
White mustard (lat. Sinapis alba) is a plant for better concentration. An annual plant that is grown and encountered somewhere like a weed (among grain, in gardens, in fields and lawns and neglected places). It is usually up to 60 centimeters high. This is a branched plant with feathery cut leaves and tiny yellow flowers. The fruit has a few tiny yellow seeds for which it is grown. White mustard is a successful remedy against diseases of the stomach, liver, intestines and digestive organs. White mustard is a cheap home remedy that can be eaten with any meal. The seeds of the plant have a lot of mucus, about 30% of fatty oil, protein, sugar, minerals and other ingredients and a hot compound (sinalbin). Sinalbin contains sulfur. When the mustard seed is beaten and mixed with water (or eaten by chewing), then sinalbin decomposes under the influence of an enzyme from the seed (myrosinase) and releases, among other things, the sulfur oil of white mustard, which has a spicy taste and does not evaporate. Therefore, white mustard has a spicy taste (smell is not spicy) and black mustard (Sinapis nigrae) has a spicy odor. One German doctor claims that he treated many stiff parts of the body by rubbing with beaten mustard mixed with oil. When the white mustard in the grain is chewed and swallowed in the morning (before breakfast), memory and concentration are improved, thoughts are brightened and unconsciousness is eliminated. Mustard is used for healing, as a spice for eating, by swallowing grains with water or mixed with water or vinegar for dressings. For swallowing grains, one spoonful of clean, healthy, fresh and unbeaten (whole) is usually taken 3 times a day.
mustard seeds. Fill with water for easier swallowing. It is taken one hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It takes two to three weeks to swallow mustard seeds for a better effect. If the patient has an inflammatory process then it is necessary to use a lukewarm liquid with bran instead of water. White and black mustard are used for exterior cladding. Take the flour from the seeds of the plant and knead it a little in cold water. Because from hot water the plant loses strength and anger. Spread this mixture thinly on a cotton cloth and apply to the sore spot on the body. Hold for ten minutes to half an hour. If blisters appear on the skin, the area should be smeared with oil or butter to make the wounds less painful and heal faster. Sauce is healing when it is spread a little on bread or added to meat. A small spoonful of sauce is enough for one meal. People who are sleepy, sluggish, prone to longer sleep a day can eat more than one spoonful of sauce to wake them up abruptly and keep them alive. If the sauce brings them excessive insomnia, they should eat it less and less often. The sauce is made as follows: one kilogram of white mustard flour mixed with 3 liters of wine must (or quality white wine or wine vinegar). Stir well so that there are no lumps. It is best to mix with a wooden spoon in an earthenware dish (without tin and enamel). Bring to a boil until the mixture is fluffy and slightly thick. This is for a larger portion of the sauce to last for a year when stored in clean and well-sealed jars in a clean and dry place. If you want a sweet sauce you can add a little sugar or cinnamon (or cinnamon zest). People prone to nervousness can also eat a little of this sauce on day two until they examine how much portion suits their health.
White mustard seeds are today the main raw material for making mustard. It is the spice most widely used in northern and western Europe. Mustard is made from ordinary mustard flour with the addition of vinegar or wine, salt, spices and other ingredients. White mustard seeds are a tasty and harmless preservative for food. They have an antibacterial effect. That is why they are placed in jars with pickles, canned fish and other products.
Black mustard seed (lat. Semen Sinapis nigrae) is a medicinal agent for external use. These seeds have a similar chemical composition to marshmallow but here the ingredient sinigrin decomposes (under the influence of the enzyme) to volatile sulfur oil. That is why these seeds, when ground and chewed, have a spicy smell and a spicy taste. When fresh black mustard flour (Farina Sinapis) is kept in lukewarm water for some time. After that, hot evaporating sulfur oil from black mustard (Aetheroleum Sinapis, Oleum Sinapis aethereum or Oleum Sinapis volatile) can be obtained by steam distillation. In pharmacies, this oil is used to make a preparation with alcohol (Spiritus sinapis), which is used for external use for joint and muscle pain. There are patches that are produced at the factory for pain in the joints or muscles, or you can buy a card with mustard in some places in pharmacies (Charta Sinapis). This is a plant that removes madness. It is placed wherever the blood needs to be softened and the rabies removed. Beaten small mustard seeds (mustard) should be mixed with vinegar to get a dough. Spread this mixture on a half-finger thick layer on a linen cloth. Put on a sore spot on the body. It usually lasts a quarter to half an hour as long as the patient can endure. In the case of a sore painful area, keep the compress until the skin turns red and small blisters burst on the skin. Remove the dressings and smear the red spot with warm butter or vegetable oil.

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