Every plant is medicinal if people use it properly (Part Four)

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Dandelion (lat. Tagahasit officinale) is a herb that has different names in different parts of the world. The leaves are gathered in a rosette lying on the ground. Dandelion has no tree. The root is fleshy, soft, milky and spindle-shaped. The surface of the leaves is smooth and the oblong leaves are cut into triangular lobes along the edge. The yellow flowers are collected in flower heads that have up to 200 flowers. The petioles are unisexual, hollow and up to a foot long. It blooms from spring to autumn. No smell. The taste is bitter. Dandelion juice is bitter and white in color but not poisonous. The juice is found in the plant and mostly in the root. Dandelion is abundant everywhere. It grows very fleshy in good gardens. The young leaves are pleasant to eat. It is used in salads and stews. The leaves of the plant are used as a substitute for spinach. Finely chopped root with water and brandy is used to improve appetite and strengthen the body. Dandelion cures diseases of the stomach and intestines. The root is dried and used during the winter. Dandelion cures blisters, hypochondria, facial pallor and other ailments. Then a drink is made from the juice of the plant mixed with the water in which the meat was cooked. The juice is obtained from the beaten grass and the roots of the plant. The juiciest juice is obtained during the spring when the dandelion flowers. The juice can be drunk with goat’s or cow’s milk. Pour malsak juice into a full glass of milk. This drink should be drunk in the morning before meals. Medicinal tincture of dandelion is made by pouring one liter of water in a clean earthen pot. Then put a handful of dandelion (leaves and root). Let stand for one hour. Strain and the drink is ready. Drink a small glass several times a day. Dandelion is a healthy food. Dandelion can be used instead of bread. Cut the leaf to the root. Squeeze the leaves and bring to a boil in water. Squeeze with both hands and mix with sour milk. The meal is over. Dandelion root is used to make homemade brandy suitable for the stomach and against stomach diseases. Dig up the dandelion root. Finely chop. Put in a liter and a half of komovice. Let it stand closed for ten days. This should be done in April when the root is not woody. The root that did not give a flower is taken. Such a root has the most bitter milk juice. Just drink one small glass of this brandy before lunch or dinner. It is good for all problems with the stomach, intestines and chest.
Marigold (lat. Calendula officinalis) is an excellent plant for the skin. This is a famous garden ornamental plant. Varieties with double large heads of strong orange color are especially grown. Lingual orange flowers (Calendulae flos sine calycibus) are used. The flowers are carefully dried in a breeze and a dark place. So retain their natural color, marigold flower contains essential oil, saponin, bitter and other ingredients. The orange color comes from carotene and other pigments. Marigold is used for coloring. Medicines for internal and external use are made from this plant. Externally, wounds, injuries, ulcers and inflammatory processes of the skin and mucous membranes are treated. Marigold wraps are used for the skin. The flowers are ground into a powder and mixed with fat or oil to make an excellent skin balm.
Wormwood (lat. Artemisia absinthium) is a plant about half a meter high. It has a whitish color, it is a very fragrant and bitter plant. It grows in gardens, mornings, along roadsides, blooms during the summer. This plant has many benefits in pharmacy and medicine. It opens the appetite, strengthens the circulation, helps digest food in the stomach, when used in moderation. Wormwood helps with women’s diseases (soothes pain, breaks down urinary stones, soothes cramps). Wormwood soaked in wine is used as a dressing for injuries. Wormwood essence can be used. For the essence, it is necessary to pick the flowers and cut off the tops in June and July when the plant blooms. Put in a clean glass. Pour the brandy. Leave for 5 to 6 days in the sun well closed and covered with a thin cloth. You solve stomach pains when you mix wormwood with wine (or vinegar) and bread dough. Cover the entire abdomen with this wrap. This mixture is good for insomnia. Then put a bandage around your head. Put a handful or two handfuls of wormwood in a beer keg to make it healthier and tastier. You should never use wormwood nuts as it causes fainting, nausea, confusion and fire in the stomach. Wormwood tea is drunk for rheumatism and gout. Put wormwood leaves in boiling water. Cover the dish. Bathing in this liquid cures rheumatism and gout. Wormwood tea compresses can be made. For medicinal purposes, the young leaves and tops of the herbaceous parts of the plant should be cut before the wormwood blooms. Dry in a dry and cool place. Store in a tightly closed container. Wormwood contains 0.5% of volatile fragrant oil, bitter compounds (absinthe and anabsintin) for which wormwood is used as a medicine. In pharmacy and medicine, wormwood is used as a bitter aromatic agent (Herba Absithii) and a medicinal raw material for making extracts, tinctures, teas used for stomach ailments, against intestinal parasites and more. Wormwood is an integral part of various herbal mixtures used to make bitter brandies, bitter wines (vermouth) and similar beverages. One species of wormwood that grows in the steppes east of the Caspian Sea, in Iran and Turkmenistan (A. Cina) gives a well-known herbal remedy against earthworms: the flower of cina (Flos Cinae) in which santonin is the main ingredient. Tarragon (fine spice) comes from the young juicy parts of the wormwood species native to Siberia. Today it is grown in Europe and around the world (A. Dracunculus).

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