Proper nutrition of pregnant women

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There is an old saying that “a pregnant woman should eat for two”. However, it is true that every pregnant woman should strengthen her diet and increase the intake of vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the body. In this condition, the woman is forced to give up some foods and drinks that can harm the body and the fetus / child she is carrying and increase the intake of foods used by the baby.
Enhanced diet
With milk: a pregnant woman should take ¾ liter of milk per day (cheese or dairy products). ¼ liter of milk = 35 grams of cheese. Milk is necessary because it contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D for the development of a child’s bones. They are essential for maternal health to preserve strong teeth, healthy bones and healthy intestines.
With vegetables and fruits: fresh or cooked. Pregnant women need 350 to 400 grams of vegetables and about 250 to 300 grams of fruit per day. Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper development of a child. It is advisable to eat fresh fish and yeast often. For women suffering from anemia, goose liver, lentils and fresh eggs are preferred.
A pregnant woman should eat meals in normal amounts:
Meat: 100 grams of meat is enough. Meat taken in normal quantities strengthens the body with the necessary antidotes. It is not advisable to eat large amounts of meat because it causes uremia and it is necessary for pregnant women to have healthy kidneys.
Fat: 35 to 50 grams a day (butter or oil) is enough.
Sugar: 60 to 75 grams in the form of 6 cubes and 30-40 grams of honey or chocolate.
Starch: 300 to 350 grams of bread and one plate of potatoes.
Liquids and drinks: about 8 glasses of liquid a day is enough. A pregnant woman should not take less than 6 glasses of fluid a day. Take fluids between meals. A pregnant woman can drink wine, water, fruit juices, mild coffee and light tea (no more than 1 cup a day), one glass of beer or 1 glass of wine.
Exclude from use: cheeses with stronger fermentation, stale foods, burnt food, salted foods, fatty sausage products, fatty and heavy dishes. Wine and beer (one glass per day) are allowed. Aperitifs and cocktails are not allowed.


  1. It is always interesting to see other perspectives on pregnancy and nutrition. The only thing I would add is that protein is also vital for pregnancy, and can even help reduce morning sickness. Protein can be sourced from meat, dairy, and the one item I did not notice on your list was beans & legumes. Adding naturally sourced protein powders to meals is acceptable while pregnant, but not the ideal first choice. In the athletic world, it is recommended to consume 1 gram of protein per pound in your body. I’ve found that to be a great standard while pregnant as well, although sometimes even that is not enough.

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    • Dear “Yael_Eliyahu”,
      This is great and extremely helpful for all pregnant women in the world. Thanks so much for giving us these details. I think we learn a new stuff every single day. Until we live actually. Wishing you all the best. Amela

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      • Magicandbeauty – absolutely! You have such a diverse slew of information in your posts it’s always an interesting read. 😊 I happen to take a lot of interest in pregnancy because it is a fascinating process which is often viewed negatively when really, it’s a precious gift. It also helps that I am pregnant right now, so I am careful to stay up to date & ask lots of questions! Thanks for always bringing food for thought in your writing!

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      • Dear “Yael_Eliyahu”,
        You are very welcome my Dear. Wishing you all the best during your pregnancy period. Take a good care of yourself. You are right-knowledge is always precious and as much as we learn from day to day we as human beings understand that there is always a lot of new knowledge and experiences. Wishing you always all the best. Amela.

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