An old saying goes “aging is faster at the dining room table”

The rules of dietetics help us live a healthier life and feel better at all times. There are 3 categories of food that give human cells renewal and nourishment.
Proteins are found mostly in meat, fish, cheese and vegetables.
Glycides are found in vegetables. They give people energy instantly ready to use.
Fat – is a reserve that the body accumulates in the form of adipose tissue. Butter, lard, bacon, oil and dried meat products are fat and almost pure.
However, 3 categories of food would not be enough without other substances: vitamins. The most important vitamins are:
Vitamin A. It is found in veal liver, butter, parsley, egg yolk. Removes certain visual disturbances
B vitamins form a group in which each vitamin has a special number. They are present in ham, liver, kidneys and pork among other foods.
Vitamin C is the most famous vitamin. It strengthens the defense of white blood cells, helps calcify bones and prevents scurvy.
Vitamin D participates in the action of calcium and phosphorus, so doctors prescribe it when de-calcification occurs.
There are a number of other chemical elements necessary for our body: potassium, radium, phosphorus and calcium.
People should not overdo it with calories
The transformation of a meal eaten releases a certain amount of energy that is converted into heat. These calories vary depending on the meal. There is a different caloric value for each dish. Numerous human activities (breathing, sleeping, walking, walking, etc.) cause calorie consumption that should be equal to calorie intake. If the number of calories taken is higher than the consumption, then people gain weight (except in a small number of exceptions). If the consumption is higher than the receipt then people lose weight. Therefore, low-calorie meals are recommended in the diet so that the human body is forced to use its own reserves in order to maintain its balance.
Meals should not be skipped
Many people skip meals (breakfast or lunch) due to lack of time. This is a dietary mistake because the appetite remains the same so dinner is plentiful. This increases calorie intake by creating harmful elements instead of useful ones. The ideal solution for people who do not have time for breakfast or lunch or are afraid of obesity is the consumption of tomatoes, cold roasted meat and fruit.
Breakfast: All nutritionists say that breakfast allows the body all the effort it encounters during the day. The most desirable breakfast is: a cup of tea or weak coffee (with milk and sugar), bread / pastries (in small quantities), butter, jam and fresh fruit. An English breakfast consisting of eggs, ham, jam and tea is also a desirable morning meal.
Even if the stomach and liver “do not protest”, heavy morning meals (offal, cured meats, spicy sauces and pasta) should be avoided. Consumption of bread / pastries and alcohol should be kept to a minimum as it damages the nervous system. Warm milk is not easy to digest, but on the contrary, cold milk (even ice milk) is digested much easier in the stomach. Fish is no less nutritious than meat and eggs (100 grams of fish, 100 grams of meat and two eggs have the same caloric value). White meats are easier to digest than red ones although they have a lower caloric value. White meat is more toxic because it is young meat and contains chemicals that are created after slaughter (poisons that the human body does not always manage to eliminate). Cod is a lean fish and one of the most nutritious fish. Express pots do not destroy vitamins: on the contrary, express pots retain all the vitamins from food.
Last recommendations: vitamins “escape” easily. To preserve it, it is necessary to quickly wash the vegetables, soak them in already boiling water and cook in a covered pot. Green parts should not be thrown away. It is not advisable to reheat the vegetables on the stove. Vegetables should be peeled and cleaned with a steel knife that does not oxidize. The fruit should not be peeled but only washed with water. Fried lard does not benefit human health. You should choose oil or butter.

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