Basic tips for young cooks (Part One)

2020-05-30 08.40.45
The problem of lack of time is a basic problem posed to every housewife / cook. There are various causes of lack of time: a full-time stay at work / company, difficulties in finding home help, a large family, and others. There are other motives that can put a young cook in a situation to bring an impromptu meal to the table. Today’s era fortunately forces us to be economical and frugal and provides opportunities for the cook to successfully deal with all the problems in the kitchen (and around cooking). In the sale of the day, there is a wide range of dishes packed in boxes, frozen meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, ready meals or semi-ready meals, pudding or whipped cream and the like. So most (young and old) cooks can have a perfectly prepared meal on the table in a matter of minutes. The canned food system should never be introduced into everyday use, but this system can be used to improvise a complete lunch / dinner. A small reserve of this kind of food is welcome in exceptional cases. This means that every cook should have in reserve the basic elements that help prepare all meals (eggs, butter, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, coffee, sugar, pasta, spaghetti, flour, rice, oil and soup in cubes).
Express pots and express pans are a great help, preparing the dish for as long as it takes the cook to prepare / place utensils on the lunch table, prepare coffee or tea or a bowl with fruit.
The following is the exact cooking time of individual foods in the express pot (or pretzel pot):
Rice-15 to 20 minutes
Macaroni 10-15 minutes
Dumplings 10-15 minutes
Potatoes 20-30 minutes
Cauliflower 20-25 minutes
Carrots 10-15 minutes
Fish smaller size 10 minutes
Cod 20-30 minutes
Poultry and poultry for one hour
Veal, pork one hour
Egg for 7 minutes

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