Basic tips for young cooks (Part Two)

cover page:
The main goal of these articles is to provide help and advice to young cooks and to supplement the knowledge of cooks with more experience in cooking and culinary skills.
Calories in various types of meat:
Veal heart 180 calories
Sheep brain 120 calories
Veal liver 149 calories
Lamb liver 132 calories
Pork liver 135 calories
Veal tongue 123 calories
Beef white kidneys 124 calories
Veal white kidneys 123 calories
Sheep white kidneys 123 calories
Pork white kidneys 117 calories
Beef entrails 94 calories
Pork entrails 149 calories
List of necessary elements and kitchen utensils compiled at the International Scientific Institute for Food Culture in Geneva (Suisse):
Usual accessories
For food maintenance:
Wire mesh for vegetables
Plexiglas boxes
Cellophane paper
Bottle box
Bag or wooden box for bread and pastries
For food preparation:
2 ordinary knives, one pointed knife, one meat grinder, one knife with slices, one small ax, one knife sharpener, one kitchen scissors, 2 ladles, 2 larger wooden mixing spoons (with a long handle), 2 mixing spoons, one rolling pin for dough, one smaller cutting board, one larger board, one small grill, one soup strainer, one hammer, one sieve, one whipping wire, one pliers, one larger bowl for squeezing fruits and vegetables, one large earthenware bowl, one corkscrew, one grater, one coffee mill, one can opener, one waste basket, one meat machine, one nut machine, one potato and fruit press, one kitchen scale, one small mill (manual or electric) for pepper and spices, one hand mixer, blender or multipractice.
Accessories for manual washing of fruits and vegetables: one wire for salad, hollow bowl for washing fruits and vegetables, small boiler, wire for pussies and pans, wire for bottles, sponges, kitchen towels.
Cooking utensils: 3 different pots (diameter 12, 16 and 20 centimeters), 2 lids, 2 pots (diameter 24 and 27 cm), one small pan, one larger pan (diameter 22 cm), 2 larger pots (diameter 22 cm) ), 2 baking trays, one fish baking tray.
Cutlery: shallow, semi-deep and deep plates, one refractory dish, one sauce bowl, one larger bowl, one salad bowl, one soup bowl, one poultry cutting shears, one fish bowl, knives, forks ii tablespoons.

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