Kozice waterfalls about ten kilometres away from Fojnica

2020-07-06 12.15.24
You can visit the Kozica waterfalls through the Malkoč picnic area, Vladića vrh (crossing) and the Dragačići settlement. Kozica waterfalls are just one of the natural gems of the town of Fojnica. They are about ten kilometers away from the city. When you reach the center of Fojnica (near Hotel Reumal) then turn left. Follow the signs on the road. The road leading almost to the waterfalls is paved along its entire length and well marked, so you can’t get lost for a moment. Near the waterfalls is a small free parking lot where you can park your car. The waterfalls are a few minutes walk from the parking lot on a well-trodden and flat wide path. On the road to the waterfalls you will occasionally see (on the left and right) public drinking fountains and wooden benches with a canopy for rainy days.
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Fairytale waterfalls fall down the slope in a century-old beech forest. The waterfalls are 5 to 20 meters high. The water level of the waterfalls decreases during the summer and more sunny days. The two waterfalls are bigger. There are several small waterfalls with crystal clear sparkling water. Drinking water used to be brought above the waterfall and a refrigerator for rest was made. Today there are wooden benches with a canopy. You can descend to the foot of the waterfalls using a less well-maintained access path. Near the waterfall there is an adrenaline park where visitors of all ages come by bicycle and enjoy the still untouched nature.
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