Bloggers put in the time and effort to write a solid post and post cover photos

Bloggers from all over the world belong to different age groups, different generations and inter generations. The sphere of social networks, including the space for writing on the blog (space for posts) is the so-called “safe-zone” of every blogger. Bloggers invest their knowledge, skills, writing skills (designing) various topics / content to create and publish a post. Solid knowledge in the field of photography is also required to substantiate the basic story. It takes a great deal of love for each story / post and free time dedicated to writing (posting. Bloggers observe the world around them, people, events and moments and indulge the senses to publish most posts. These magical moments of gathering information, searching, researching, constant reading and improvement (with the cooperation of nerve synopses and the flow of information to the brain) are always unique, because every story is different, every text / post is different, we used to record stories, emotions, news and moments in calligraphy with a pencil on paper (or pen). and ink) letting a few tears fall on the paper / parchment and blurring the text written in calligraphy. with small screens of their iPhone’s, i Pods, cell phones, or tablets.Physically, we even bump into each other because we didn’t look anywhere we walk living our parallel lives. On a human and spiritual level, we often leave a safe distance. The sphere of social networks is our safe-zone where we are free, protected, braver and more powerful. We choose what to publish and what to hide. We build an alternative reality perhaps in fear of facing real life, true traumas and disappointments, emotions and honest contact. Today we live the image and are subject to the criteria imposed by virtual reality. Today’s reality teaches us that there is perfection and that a small part separates us from it. Very quickly everything that does not fit into high expectations becomes boring and the excitement subsides, the heat subsides, human contact becomes superfluous and uninteresting. Man is slowly disappearing because such are the modern times. Blogger, posts posted and social networks in general heal our self-confidence. We just need to overcome the fear that we do not have such an attractive life (which we need to transfer to social networks) as expected of us in the modern world. Let’s overcome the remorse of whether the whole world will like our posts / photos. One man can never please all the people in the world. Because every man is an individual for himself. That is why life is more beautiful and interesting. To all the people in the world. At any moment.
Andy Warhol’s statement that “everyone will get their fifteen minutes of fame” is today a fulfilled prophecy applicable to every person who uses social media and has open accounts.


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