How to remove traces of make up if we want them not visible on the face the next morning (after party is over)

Although gatherings, celebrations and parties are reduced and diluted today due to the outbreak of the virus, they still happen. They bring nervousness, tension and hectic mood to women because make-up and a special beauty routine for these events come to the fore. Good makeup means good care for dehydrated, tired and insufficiently cleansed skin during ordinary days. Quality facial care should be done before and after the party (celebration) to leave no marks on the face. The unmistakable choice of colors for every celebration are red, white and metallic colors, as well as shiny and glittery textures. However, an attractive color on the face can be blue. Modern are also vibrant colors combined as the only colors on the face without mascara and combined with bare skin. Of the vibrant colors, pink and a tan (de facto bronzer on the eyes) stood out in particular. This should be accompanied by countless sequins, colored mascara and artistic drawing with a liquid shower. Modern are blue-red shades of lipsticks, dark colors of lipsticks and lip glosses and nude tones. Or the lips may be left without the use of lip gloss. Shiny particles and a metallic finish for the face and nails are popular for celebrations. The point of any celebratory makeup is in durability. Then it is worth investing in good examples, powders with excellent pigmentation and durability with plenty of skin care ingredients and face sprays. They will be unwavering in every combination. These products are an ideal choice of makeup for long-term wear because they will not come off and will always look fresh, without burdening the facial skin. Rare women remember to take off evening makeup or rarely decide to do an entire evening facial routine. A good tip is to keep face pads or micellar water nearby or at least makeup wipes. This is just first aid for forgetful women because such a quick removal of makeup does not benefit the face or completely remove makeup from the face.
12 tips for facial and body skin care (for the morning after each celebration):
1. Start the morning after each celebration by detoxifying the body with two glasses of water. This starts the metabolism and gives the skin the necessary hydration. Water stimulates the kidneys and liver to process toxins that you expel from the body faster.
2. This is followed by body peeling and dry brushing. This stimulates circulation and refreshes the appearance of the skin.
3. For the oral cavity, choose a toothpaste with activated charcoal that removes toxins and all stains from the teeth.
4. After each celebration, the hair is full of smoke and sweat and various gels and hair sprays. Wash your hair with a thorough scalp massage to remove deposits and stimulate circulation. Circulation is responsible for better quality hair and faster hair growth.
5. You help your body and overall mind by getting plenty of water and choosing foods high in fiber, vitamins and protein.
6. Any form of physical exercise (e.g. yoga) helps the body during the morning after the celebration.
7. The face requires special care (cleansing and hydration). So you can also try some gadgets for the face (sonic pulsation) which better help to clean the pores and prevent inflammatory processes. Use two cleaners (oil cleaner and gel cleaner). The cleansers clean and nourish the skin, which will not be uncomfortably tight after cleansing.
8. Apply creams to the face in larger amounts while the facial skin is moist. This helps the ingredients and moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin. You can use cleansing face masks for cleansing and hydration.
9. Peeling for the face (especially chemical peeling) is essential for the glow and softness of the skin. Facial peeling perfectly removes dead skin cells and helps remove textures and small wrinkles.
10. For the end of the morning facial skin care, an additional hydration boost with new textures for accelerated hydration (gel, gel-cream, serum) is desirable.
11. Antioxidants from vitamins A, C and E are important for facial and body skin renewal, although only 2 to 3% of these vitamins end up in the skin. Apply them directly to the skin using serums and tonics.
12. A good lifestyle (quality and long sleep, good mood and good care) is important.

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