The importance of the theme of beauty within feminism

The favorite topic of many journalists of the 21st century is beauty within feminism. .
“I guess I’m a modernist feminist, I believe in equality. Why should we choose what type of woman we are? Why do we have to label ourselves? I’m just a woman and I love being a woman. ”- Beyonce
At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce performed a live portion of her song Flawless with a strong message. Some media have declared this performance the strongest feminist moment of pop culture in history. The part Beyonce performed was actually part of a speech by Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Many people like the statement of the indisputable female queen Virginia Wolf: “A woman must have money and her own room if she is writing literature.” A deep message stands in this brutally simple thought. The precondition of life, living and battle is the message of independence, freedom and one’s own space. A century later, there are still many women who through their written works, words, photographs, fashion expressions, art and works of art speak about women’s issues, human existence, today’s position of women in society, women’s fears, hopes and successes. We need to admit that feminism has moved away from the essential thesis. For a long time now, women have been suffocated by the ideas of the ideal of beauty under the pressure of society. Today, sexuality and beauty are equated with emancipation. This has a devastating effect on the female sex because we live in the illusion that by exploiting our own bodies we are expressing our sexuality. Today, women are convinced that the heroines of the fight for women’s rights fought for this. Consumer culture, patriarchy and sexism are our reality. Feminism today boils down to social microgroups of women who, separated in their groups, “fight” with words and deeds for “something” and are condemned by other women. We are familiar with the stereotype of women in Hollywood B-productions where women have been portrayed in tight synthetic costumes for years. Marilyn Monroe’s typology marked the perception of ideals.
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The question of the term “divorced woman” is raised because attachment is a female virtue, so it is the opposite – negative. Women who call “spinsters” are considered by many to be the futility of the human existence. This kind of thinking is a form of violence. Because it has always been a common opinion that an accomplished woman is just a woman in a marital union. We know that gender is determined biologically while gender is a cultural construct. This is followed by the statement of the famous author Simone de Beauvoir “A woman is not born. She becomes a woman. ” We are not born as women but women become influenced by the norms imposed on us by society. Media culture makes decisions about how a woman should look and how a woman should behave. Everything is programmed because women are determined by social definition. This is how children are brought up, this is how opinions are formed and this is how the attitudes of all groups in the food chain are born. Movies, games, the media and the sex industry have created a woman or image of a “perfect” woman who can no longer become one without the use of countless cosmetics and plastic surgery. New generations of completely distorted perceptions about sexual relations and relations between men and women are being born. Female beauty no longer belongs to individual owners than to all other people. Ideals in the perception of beauty are brutal roadmaps about how the world works. Feminism today is an abstract concept far removed from our reality. Feminism is reminiscent of the foreign body of individual female voices within a community. These voices are fighting for something that in the 21st century should be an organic part of everyone’s perception. At its core, feminism implies the complete emancipation of all the women of the world and all the men of the world and their deeply rooted equality. The democracy we supposedly have today involves the equal participation of men and women in all decision-making processes, in public and political life, within private lives. Although women’s rights in various declarations have become an integral part of human rights on paper, the reality is so different. Even today, in some eastern parts of the world, women are denied the right to education, health care, and centuries-old penalties for misdemeanors.
The position of women has undergone reconstructions, plastic surgeries and transplants from the most primitive societies, the Middle Ages and to modern times. It took women almost 2,000 years from matriarchy to misogyny to fight for equality that is not complete today in a modern and democratic society. It took women centuries to fight for the right to decide. That fight was long and hard. It is almost inconceivable to today’s woman what her predecessors went through in order to feel some kind of freedom. The result of the fierce struggle is that women today make up a third of the registered workforce in the world. That is why they receive 10% of the total world income. Women now own only 1% of the world’s property. In the West, women have made greater progress in the second half of the 20th century than in the past few thousand years. Men still play a leading role in politics, decision-making, business and industry. Women’s rights have not yet achieved equality with human rights. Feminism developed in valves. The first wave occurred in the 19th century. He marked the struggle of women for the right to decide / vote. The second wave occurred in the 1960s. It turned into a mass movement for gender equality, anti-imperialism, changes in legislation, education of women, the issue of male violence. The third wave began in the 1980s. He tried to deny and transcend the term gender and gender differences. The main feature of the fourth feminist wave is technology. The hallmark of the fourth wave is the women’s struggle to achieve business acreage, advancement in business, and equality in business. Women replaced men in the First World War. We still cannot detect the position of today’s women when we think about pay equality, winning the right to vote, drastically changing the traditional role of women in society through the attack on marriage, motherhood and all existing forms of traditional institutions.
Today’s feminism has become the purpose of its existence. Honorable ideals were overwhelmed by the desire for media attention. True advocacy for socially equal status has turned into extremist outbursts. Outer and inner female beauty, femininity and motherhood is almost completely rejected and stifled with distorted perceptions that early feminism wanted to emphasize. There are millions of strong fighting women we know through the past. Thanks to Caresse Crosby (Mary Phelps Jacob) we wear bras today. Junko Tabei is the first woman to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Billie Jean King was a professional tennis player who defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis tournament (known as the Battle of Tech Saxes) and founded a women’s tennis federation that had never existed before. Dana s we need contemporary problems in society (concerning women) to think and understand in a whole new way. We should seek the equality of women with men by no means the superiority of women over men. It is not necessary to shorten hair, wipe lipstick, or wear men’s suits to achieve equality and emancipation. Famous actress Emma Watson is a contemporary suffragette whose fight for women’s rights has not been spared death threats. Emma Watson says, “The word feminism doesn’t matter. What matters is the idea and ambition behind it. “

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