The most famous social network Instagram has literally ravaged the world

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Original Instagram network authors Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger officially launched this network on October 6, 2010. The social network Instagram is owned by Facebook Inc.
Its original authors had no idea at the time of launch that Instagram would literally ravage the world over time. This popular free app is used to process and share photos via mobile phones on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquar, Tumblr, Flickr and Posterous. Instagram won the Shorty Award for apps and was nominated for the Best Social Network Award of the Teen Choice. In the early days of Instagram, the game was innocent. We seemed to have in front of us an altruistic social network that encourages people to positive emotions caused by beautiful photographs. Recent years have shown the full potential of the Instagram social network. Many people around the world have recognized the possibilities of Instagram and started advertising themselves, their products, companies and businesses. So we are introduced to many new and lesser known chefs with vision, stylists, interior designers, fashion connoisseurs, beauty makeup artists. All of them, with their personalized approaches, have created a completely new dynamic in the market over time.
Brands have shifted their focus from classic advertising formats to individuals. Furthermore, these individuals literally “pushed” their products directly into the hands of customers at affordable prices. We call these people “influencers” today. The first major momentum of influencing started with fashion events and fashion products / brands and fashion bloggers. Then followed boom make-up tutorials and new beauty brands. They used Instagram as a tool for promotion and sales. Influencing in the field of wellness and fitness has been growing so fast in recent years that we can now talk about a phenomenon that has no end in sight. The numbers speak for themselves. It grew 12% for 2014 from an incredible $ 3.4 trillion a year. Many beauty companies turn to wellness and fitness. A healthy body and muscles become the new Chanel 2.55 bag or Chanel 5 perfume and a “must have” that you need to afford because you will enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. Women’s obsession with the body, body cult and perfect figure and diet is a constant in the female world. Fashion trends come and go. Once upon a time, about thirty years ago, they offered us miraculous slimming teas, pills to wet 5 kilograms of excess from the body, bandages, mud from Morocco, salt from the sea of ​​a small country at the end of the world. Today, the wellness and fitness industry has shifted to sculpted female bodies that once looked like us but decided to take the problem into their own hands and achieve a perfect body shape. A large number of popular fitness and wellness people are not young people but are at some important milestone in their lives
decided to have fun with themselves. An example of the success of a fashion influencer is Chiara Ferragni, while an example of the success of an influencer in the world of wellness and fitness is her counterpart Kayla Itsines from Australia.
Among others, these smart Influencers built their business solely thanks to Instagram and the smart management of business partners. The enterprising Kayla designed the application, i.e. the online program Bikini Body Guides, with the help of which women could exercise regardless of location. Kayla has over ten million followers on Instagram. The value of her brand is estimated at $ 45 million. American Melissa Alcantara reached the American dream when she was noticed on Instagram by Kim Kardashian and hired as a coach.
Melissa has since become one of America’s leading influencers. He has about a million followers on Instagram and his “8 week body sculptor” exercise program. The program guarantees abs like Kim Kardashian has. Large chains of gyms, fitness equipment and fitness concepts also took the opportunity to make money. The popularity of online apps is evident in the way women are approached when it comes to fitness. The most famous American concept, Soul Cycle, starts an agency for fitness influencers to lead his career and thus control the market. The big sports companies Nike and Adidas have set aside a good portion of their promo budgets for influencers with a large number of followers on Instagram (larger than the companies). Everything we have witnessed in the fashion world today is happening in the field of fitness and wellness with a positive message. However, some research says that social networks (including Instagram) cause depression because they impose unrealistic standards. If you look at photos of people going on a trip with Louis Vuitton suitcases and bags on Instagram, it is inevitable that this situation affects the self-confidence and negative thinking of the person sitting at home with the computer in front of them. The job of influencers is to sell the idea of ​​the crosses themselves in the best possible version. They send us messages from their Instagram profiles that it can always be better and more beautiful if we do our best and give our best. The construction of influencing is also built on the user’s desire to feel better and more satisfied and for that good feeling to last. The messages that influencers and the social network Instagram give us in most cases say that the change is in ourselves. If we decide to make a quality shift, our life will definitely be better, which is an affirmative message to all users of social networks (including Instagram).

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