Intoxicating perfumes with cognac, brandy and spices

cover page:
Although it sounds too excessive to use perfumes with the scent of cognac, brandy, or spices on a daily basis, the combinations of notes in these perfumes are refined. The smell of a drink in perfumes is achieved in several ways: the ingredients of an individual drink, the raw material of the ingredient that aromatizes an individual drink and the molecules that give the effect of an individual drink. Notes that mimic drinks give a juicy and delicious aroma that combined with other flavors can be very creamy, edible and smooth. In combination with flowers, this perfume becomes fresher. For example, gin is imitated by spruce berries, champagne is created with special aldehydes with the addition of citrus. Whiskey is a very complex mix of cereals, oak barrels, chocolate, dried fruit, honey and spices. Most alcoholic beverages at first glance call for them to be further scented, irresistibly sweet and intriguing nostrils. Soft, sweet, edible and hipster-macha spiced with cheeky ginger and sweetened marshmallows is hidden in the perfume By Killian called “I Don’t Need a Prince by my Side To Be a Princess”.
This is an ideal sweet perfume imbued with an unusual note of refreshment for daring women. The perfume “Al Contrario” by Tiziana Terenzi is a more classic version of a winter drink. Irresistibly reminiscent of hot chocolate with a handful of whipped cream and decorations. This perfume is edible with notes of cocoa powder, vanilla, hazelnut and malt. Floral floral combinations enriched with spices mimic teas with clove and apple and often some alcohol. The perfume “Damascus” by Gritti smells like a home freshener.

Notes of pachulia, cedar and amber give the perfume an interesting intensity. The perfume “Arsenic Osman” by Laurent Mazzone has an almost drinkable scent of plum and cinnamon with pachuli, amber and leather. The perfume “Harod” by Parfumes de Marly Paris is reminiscent of tea with cinnamon, vanilla and tobacco leaves.
There are less traditional celebratory alcoholic beverages soaked in various perfumes. The perfume “Gin Fizz” by Lubin, created back in 1955, takes on a slightly soapy scent when worn.
This perfume is a blend of tonics and gin and is unquestionably very popular today. A popular “alcoholic” fragrance is “Moscow Mule” by Juliette Has a Gun. The perfume “Baraondi” from the brand Nasomatto has whiskey and cognac that give an interesting combination imbued with spices.
Lubin’s perfume “Korrigan” is most reminiscent of smooth and caramelized milk cognac. Champagne in Etat Libre d’Orange’s “Remarkable People” smells fresh, cocktail but inedible. Byred’s perfume “Eleventh Hour” is de facto becherovka, that is, a smoky and suffocating combination of plum and fig.

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