A clothing brand Muchness (Made in Sarajevo)

cover page: http://www.facebook.com
Muchness is a clothing brand that takes its cue from the magical and theatrical, and from fairy tales. Since they got started in 2019 they make and sell unique designer products. The brand was created by architect Aldna Ahmedic-Kadic and graphic artist Alisa Čaber. Adna and Alisa’s idea is to fuse fashion, architecture and graphic design into unique clothing. Blouses, the asymmetrical skirts, shirts, slacks and coats are made from silk, poplin, wool, cotton, lace, tulle in a wide range of colors. The Brand Muchness make hand-painted leather and stainless steel bracelets which are products of co-operation with Alisa’s Make Me design studio.
Muchness products are available at the concept store “Kutcha” (Skenderija 15 street, Sarajevo).
Kutcha mobile contact: (00) 387 62 497-490.

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