Human skin is the organ that suffers the most during the change of seasons

Milla Halal cosmetics
Dry, tight, dehydrated, lifeless and tired skin is known to need proper care the most. Problems with dehydration and flaking of the skin sometimes occur. The causes of moisture loss in the skin are different (frequent stay indoors, wind, strong sun, cold conditions and the like). The combination of warm and cold air deprives the skin of much-needed moisture by damaging its surface layer. This process results in the skin drying out. It is important to point out that dry and dehydrated skin are two different terms. Namely, we define dry skin as one of the standard skin types. The result is a lack of lipids in the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, which protects against harmful effects. The result is an uncomfortable feeling of tightness accompanied by a rough skin texture, itching, dandruff and irritation. On the other hand, in dehydrated skin, problems caused by external or internal influences in the condition of the skin are caused by a lack of moisture. Dehydrated skin unlike dry skin can further produce oil in a protective layer. For this reason, dehydrated skin does not have to be exclusively associated with dry skin but with other skin types (e.g., oily skin).
For example, if a person uses aggressive cosmetic products designed to fight acne and irregularities, they will often notice a “thirst” for hydration. This thirst is caused by improper care on parts of the face that are not problematic. The golden rule is: skin hydration and skin hydration only. The concept of skin hydration is much more than a certain amount of water taken into the body or a combination of serum and face cream. The care starts from the first morning shower to the last step of the evening beauty routine / treatment. A morning shower with hot water is not the best choice as it removes natural oils from the skin. It is ideal to take a shower with lukewarm water so that the skin does not dry out further. Instead of the usual rough wiping with a towel (after showering), gently dab the water on your face so as not to cause irritation. It is imperative to choose the right products when cleaning your face. Whether the skin is dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive. Every skin needs extra care. Choose a product from the moisturizing options on the market. Combine the products with aquaporin (active molecules that allow “better uptake” of water into the cells) and hyaluronic acid. When it comes to intense dehydration skin boosters are one of the potential solutions. The skin booster is applied with a hyaluronic acid using a needle. Since they are not fillers, skin boosters do not stand in one place but are distributed throughout the skin. The result is deep hydration that brings the skin back to life.
Tips for superior skin hydration:
1. Mild, foaming cleansers or lotions are a great choice as they gently and effectively remove impurities on the face. They do not dry out the skin.
2. Avoid products full of parabens, sulfates and alcohol as it is a trigger for irritated and dry skin.
3. Include at least one mild facial peel in the weekly routine (stronger peeling is desirable twice a month, not strictly but as needed). This will get rid of the layer of dead cells and restore the surface layer of the skin for better absorption of moisturizers.
4. Replace peels that contain granules with a chemical version – AHA and BHA acids are a much gentler method because they do not further irritate the skin while doing the job flawlessly.
5. Then nourish the skin with formulas with nourishing ingredients (shea butter and hyaluronic acid).
6. In addition to skin care from the outside, pay attention to food / nutrition. Include carrots, avocados, berries and nuts in your weekly diet. These foods are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and fats that have a beneficial effect on the skin and its protective layer.
7. At low air temperatures, make-up rules change. After a rich preparation routine, use a uniform liquid medium. Instead of the usual powder fixation techniques, use a “lighter hand” to avoid the concreted appearance of the skin.
8. Drizzle the color and freshness of your face with creamy blushes, bronzers or highlighters that will blend with your skin and look better than powder options.
9. For the final touch, spray your face with a moisturizing fixative or thermal water for a fresher and more radiant look.
10. Persistence and consistency of the accompanying routine work wonders for a long period of time.

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