Smashbox was tested, created and approved at the Smashbox studio in Los Angeles

Max Factor is known to be the founder of the first professional make-up for the needs of the film and film industry. His granddaughter Davis Factor is a photographer and co-founder of the already popular cosmetics brand Smashbox, which arrives from Los Angeles, USA. “All the best comes from a film photo studio. That is the core of our creativity and energy, ”says Davis Factor. Davis jokes that his love of beauty and makeup is part of his DNA. In 1990, Davis and his brother Dean founded the Smashbox studio in Los Angeles. This studio is fast becoming the most popular photo studio. Here are created photos for leading fashion magazines, brand campaigns and covers for music albums of famous musicians. Working with make-up in difficult study conditions and the constant advancement of technology that makes it easy to recognize dry skin, wrinkles, and discoloration of face powder in the photos made the brothers consider creating long-lasting make-up. Long-lasting make-up would be perfect, durable and wearable from scene to scene all the way to the street. In 1996, they launched Smashbox cosmetics.
These cosmetics perfectly matched the aspirations of Davis and Dean Factor. It is flawless make-up that provides a feeling of freshness, comfort and exceptional longevity during shooting without additional corrections. These are long-lasting and quality products for everyday and professional make-up. In addition to Urban Decay, Anastasia Beveryl Hills is today Smashbox one of the best-selling products in the cosmetics market and perfumeries. Smashbox is best known for its examples. Photo Finish Primer is the best-selling. One of these products is considered to be sold every 1.8 seconds worldwide.

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