Tokyo is a layered city with insane energy, and alluring chaos

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How well a visitor can get to know Tokyo depends on the length of stay in this city. The streets of Tokyo are most reminiscent of a loud video game that never stops. In this chaos, perfect order reigns, peace, kindness and exceptional respect are shown to the people. Toky is a city that plays and shines 24 hours a day. You won’t see trash cans here because there is no trash on the streets. The city is perfectly clean. The toilets have heated toilet bowls with sounds and a million options. The fact is that Tokyo residents are addicted to video games, fetishism, transparent umbrellas, street fashion and sex shops at every turn. There are as many as five metro companies in the city. Here the inhabitants do not have the custom of eating and drinking on the streets of the city unlike the rest of the world. Here everything is counted in seconds. As much time as Tokyo residents have they will sit down and eat lunch. Japanese dishes should be tried in locations where locals eat (gyoze, ramen, sushi, kobe veal, wagyu beef and the like). Teenagers on the streets of Tokyo hold huge shake drinks with chocolate balls and whipped cream in their hands. For whiskey lovers, it is recommended to try the Japanese drink “sake” and “plum wine with mineral water”. It should be noted that alcohol in bars and restaurants is more expensive than food. Tokyo is a city whose disco clubs offer free hairdressers and buffets throughout the night.
Kappabashi Street offers many small shops specializing in culinary equipment (knives, premium ceramics, plastic food samples that are often in the windows of Japanese restaurants). Kappabashi Street is a paradise for all cooking lovers. In general, Tokyo is best viewed by neighborhoods (parts of the city) because each part of the city is special and unique. Shibuya is a part of the city that never sleeps. Here you will see a constant crowd, a crowd of teenagers, hear loud music, shopping malls, video games, love hill (hotels that rent rooms by the hour of use), high-street brands, fast fodo chains and more. The absolute musts to try are karaoke whether you sing or not. Karaoke concepts are an excellent anti-stress therapy for all visitors to Tokyo.
Part of the city of Ginza is exclusive and posh with tall skyscrapers and designer shops from all over the world. The Antique Mall on three floors offers a multitude of Japanese antiques and goods from around the world. If you are a fan of Japanese culture, then the National Museum is an unavoidable location. It is set in an unusual and fantastic way. There are several modern and contemporary museums near this museum. It is recommended to visit the museum of the famous contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama. The number of visitors per day is limited. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
A small hysterical part of the city is Shimokitazawa. This part of town offers numerous second hand shops, vegan restaurants and vinyl shops. Here you will experience a short break from the rest of the bustling and noisy city of Tokyo. A wonderful counterbalance to loud Tokyo is a visit to one of the city’s great parks (Shinyuku Gyo, Yoyogi and others). Street food festivals are frequent in the parks. For shopping it is recommended to visit part of the city of Harajuku and Cat Street. This street is a perfect mix of Japanese designers, street style, high street and designer clothes / items. This part of the city is known for Japanese street fashion. With a good camera here you can take perhaps the best street style photos in the world. There are no classic souvenir shops in Tokyo. The ideal stores are “100yen shops”. Most stores approve “tax free” for tourists, so many items are cheaper than in Europe and the rest of the world. Part of the city of Akihabara is a favorite and useful to all men of the world. This is a large playground for adults. You can find all kinds of electronics and technology here with maid-cafes where the waitresses are dressed like maids. If you want to feel the spirit of old Tokyo, visit Golden Gai and Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane) in the city district of Shinjuku.
Golden Gai consists of approximately 200 minibars squeezed onto the surface of one football field. One mini bar can accommodate a maximum of 5 people. Mini bars are extremely small but you will meet locals and a lot of tourists here. Some of these bars are impossible to enter because the Japanese want to preserve the tradition so they only let members of the mini club. Omoide Yokocho (the Japanese call it “Piss Alley”) is located near the largest station in Tokyo. It hasn’t changed at all for years. Since the 40s of last century here it was customary to residents after the work was done come for beer and Japanese famous skewers of any kind and piece of meat (yakitori). These two streets are open during the day so it is possible to go for lunch in this part of Tokyo. Tokyo is a city you will always be happy to return to whenever you have the opportunity.


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