Unfortunately, there is no recipe for perfect motivation, love and happiness

It is clear to all people of the world that the recipe for perfect motivation, love and happiness, unfortunately, does not exist. The main guiding thread in people’s lives should be the desire for a better and healthier life. Within the circumstances in which people live. Let each morning start with time set aside for morning exercise or morning training. We all know that morning training burns the most calories and fills people with all-day energy.
You just need to decide this and introduce some new routines into your morning. The morning, however, is the most important part of the day on which the rest of the day depends. Let it be a five-minute morning workout. It is short and melts pounds the fastest. One should always start with small things and small life changes that will ultimately result in success and change lives for the better. Life takes a school of life to understand where we went wrong and how to improve our lives. People set tasks and goals for themselves, but the important item is how to achieve the set goals, define the goals and tasks that we need to achieve.
1. Any form of movement is always better than no movement at all. All people have different body builds and understand training differently. There is no single rule. You can exercise before and after breakfast. The rule is simple. Your body will give you the best answer.
2. Test the morning workouts you like first, control their effects, action and performance.
3. The caloric value after a five-minute workout ranges between 100 and 120 calories. After 45 minutes of metabolic action, the consumption of approximately 500-600 calories is reached. It’s wonderful to start every day. You will soon have visible results on the eye.
4. After each workout (running, swimming, yoga, brisk walking, exercising with equipment and weights, exercise bike, etc.) the human body needs adequate fuel. The best choice is a protein sheik without added sugars, without lactose and with a low fat content.
5. In addition to a protein sheik after a morning workout, you can choose a simple breakfast (low-fat cottage cheese, 1-2 scoops of protein and add a little water, almonds or walnuts). Mix with a fork and your quick breakfast is over.
6. A five-minute workout encourages people to get moving and change their life habits. The most important thing is that after training you feel satisfied and that you have more energy for the rest of the day.
7. It cannot be said after how long the results can be expected (after several five-minute workouts) because there are no rules, no instant results. It is necessary to harmonize three things – diet, sleep, with training. The human body is built for movement which is often neglected. The human body very quickly gives us warnings (fatigue, exhaustion and decreased immunity) that something is wrong with us.
8. The ultimate advice is for people to be persistent and persistent because as we treat the body so does the body give us back.

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