How to quickly remove a negative feeling (emotion) and achieve positivism and joy

2020-05-25 12.31.37
People often wonder how to “work” on themselves more or “cleanse” all negative thoughts, feelings, life attitudes and negative beliefs. Human work on thoughts is always easier than working on emotions. Changing negative emotions into positive ones is a difficult and impossible job for most people. People believe that emotions are unchanging or “constant” and therefore do not understand that human feelings can change according to human will. The basis for working on emotions is the claim that emotions are a human product. Emotions are born in people and the human psyche not in the outside world. People are the owners of their emotions and can therefore change them according to their needs and life situations. There is a way / easy exercise to change human emotions in 3 minutes.
The person should first register that he is angry, angry and dissatisfied. Then the person should stop. It is necessary to register in which part of the human body the emotion is located: stomach (creates a feeling of “twisting” of the stomach), throat (begins to vibrate and a sudden burning sensation), head (there is a slight headache, dizziness and heat in the forehead) or legs (muscles begin to vibrate, especially in the lower leg).
Once a person determines the strongest location on the body from which the emotion is coming one should stop. It is necessary to do nothing for the next 2-3 minutes. One should observe that part of the body where anger is located. Anger (dissatisfaction, anger, etc.) should be observed. Still nothing needs to be done. All attention should be focused only on that part of the body and that feeling of anger. Within minutes, the person feels the anger subside. Then the anger diminishes even more. In a few minutes the feeling of anger completely disappears. There is no more anger.
The next step is for the person to produce a new feeling of desire (for example joy – the person needs to remember what joy looks like and then the person needs to start producing joy in themselves. Initially shy, then with more focus to heighten the feeling of joy. grows in the human body.It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to do that part of the exercise.The result – a person feels happy for no external reason.The exercise is also proof that people for joy and happiness do not need any external reason, neither person nor the situation.
The whole exercise – removing the negative feeling or emotion and setting up a new positive feeling takes some 5 to 10 minutes. Each person can sometimes set aside so much time to improve their life. Once you try this exercise and succeed in it, every person will want to feel happy and joyful every day. On the other hand, many people can become masters of materialization over time if they work to achieve their desires and intentions.

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