The most common injuries in children

Through play, the child develops independence, creativity, becomes aware of himself and the environment, explores the world with the help of the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch). Unfortunately, harmless children’s play sometimes ends in one of the injuries. The most common injuries in children are scratches, cuts, burns or injuries due to steam / evaporation.
Scratches — are superficial injuries that occur by rubbing the skin against a rough surface. The resulting wounds are quite large, painful and moist. Although not dangerous for scratches, care should be taken to ensure that the baby’s skin grows back. Scratches are often dirty. These areas should be rinsed with a mild disinfectant to prevent infections. The scratch area should be covered with a bandage to protect the scratch from sticking to clothing. For large and deeper scratches, the advice is to consult a doctor who will professionally clean and treat the scratch.
Cuts are caused by a sharp or smooth object (knife, broken glass, sharp edge of paper, etc.). The cut usually passes through all layers of the skin and a deep wound is formed. Torn scratches are caused by a blunt blow when falling. Parts of the body where the skin rests directly on the bone (knee, shin, skull) are injured. Depending on the location and size of the injury, it is enough to clean the wound and cover it with a bandage. If the wound opens, it needs to be sutured or fastened with clasps.
Burns are in more than half of the cases caused by direct contact with fire or hot objects. About 40% of all burns are burns caused by hot liquids or hot steam. Burns are divided according to degrees of severity into mild (in which only the upper layer of the skin is damaged) to severe burns (in which all layers of the skin are damaged or subcutaneous tissue). Fortunately, most burns are mild burns.
How to help a child with mild burns?
– Cool the affected area immediately (maximum 20 minutes) with cold tap water until the pain stops.
-cover the burn with a sterile compression bandage
-do not put home remedies on burns (oil, flour, etc.).
It is important to act on the burn healing process so that the burn heals faster. There are a number of registered and effective creams, gels and sprays for the treatment of scars on the pharmaceutical drug market. They usually form a discrete film that protects the tissue from scars, reduces itching and redness, and reduces the feeling of pain and tightness. The scars become discreet or completely invisible.

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