5 beneficial teas for hair and skin care

Tea is a miracle drink. Depending on the method of preparation, tea soothes or refreshes and revives and cleanses the body. Tea also clears human eyesight, nourishes the skin and hair and solves cellulite problems.
A cup of fragrant tea is a pleasure and a source of health and they have a beneficial effect inside and outside the body. The skill of proper tea preparation is an easily mastered art.
Proper preparation of tea: pour boiling water over the plants (one cup of dry herbs should be put one cup of water). Keep covered for about 3 minutes if the tea plants are freshly harvested. For dried plants, keep the tea pot covered for 5 to 15 minutes.
Medicinal liquid with tea: the root, bark or plants are directly immersed in boiling water. Cover and cook on low heat for 3 to 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the stove. Keep covered for a few more minutes. Strain. The liquid can also be used for coatings.
Soaking the tea: some types of plants do not like heat. It is then recommended to soak these plants in cold water to preserve all the healthy ingredients from the plants.
Russian black tea for tired eyes: keep warm tea bags with black Russian tea on your eyelids for ten minutes. Strong Russian black tea works against dark circles, which should be poured over boiling water and drained after 10 minutes. Soak a piece of cotton wool or a cotton cloth with tea and put it on the eyelids. Against dark circles around the eyes, tea wraps prepared from 20 grams of thyme and 10 grams of chopped licorice root and flaxseed help. Pour two tablespoons of this mixture with boiling water. Strain after 10 minutes.
Rosemary is a plant that regulates skin tone: the ideal addition to daily facial care are facial steaming and herbal wraps. Dry and uneven skin becomes smooth and fresh when you steam it with tea from rose buds. You must not mate your face if you have dilated capillaries. The famous French herbalist Maurice Mesege recommends the following: twice a week, apply a compress of medicinal liquid with rosemary and linden flowers on your face. Pour two tablespoons of rosemary and linden flowers with a liter of cold water. After 6 to 10 hours, heat the liquid a little on the stove.
You can drink tea from a mixture of herbs: a small spoonful of lavender, chamomile, thyme, mint, savory and rosemary.
The plant whitens against oily skin: the inconspicuous glow from oily skin disappears by steaming the face over tea from rose buds and thyme. Skin secretion is regulated by white tea, which can be used to make facial cleansing wraps. People who regularly have blackheads on their face should drink tea made from a mixture of thyme, lavender and linden blossom. Medicinal liquid compresses made from a mixture of thyme, rose petals and marshmallow flowers work well against wrinkles and sagging cheeks.
The leaf called is ideal for hair shine: nature has given each type of hair a suitable plant. Rinse your hair with a healing liquid from a leaf called (not for blonde hair). The healing liquid with rosemary helps by making the hair shinier and the scalp better perfused (especially if there is a problem with dandruff). The white plant contains sulfur, so it is recommended for oily hair. Pour a handful of white flowers with half a liter of boiling water. Cover the dish. Leave to stand for 3 hours. After 3 hours, strain the liquid. Cool and rub into washed hair.
Dandelion solves cellulite: teas have an excellent effect on cellulite as a supplement to proper diet and exercise. All types of plants are useful that promote the removal of fluids and harmful substances from the body. Dandelion and thyme teas are especially recommended. A 3-week therapy is recommended, where you should drink 3 cups of tea every day (at intervals). Well-known German herbalist Hademar Bankoffer advises drinking one cup of tea from this mixture daily for 3 weeks: one part strawberry leaves, two parts dandelion leaves, 3 parts pyrethrum and sage leaves, and 4 parts heather and basil root leaves. Pour one tablespoon of this mixture with 1 liter of cold water. Put on the stove to boil. After boiling, remove the tea from the stove. Cover the dish. Strain after 15 minutes.

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