Buckwheat in a plate pleases blood vessels because it lowers blood pressure and corn is full of magnesium

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Barley: People have been growing barley for thousands of years, although barley has not yet been used to make any hybrid. Barley should be eaten mainly during the winter months as it increases body weight. A good recommendation is to use barley for breakfast with some raisins and chopped dried fruit. It is desirable to add one handful of barley to the homemade soup. Barley is the cereal that is easiest to eat. It is rich in sodium. Barley is good for joints and joint mobility and the proper functioning of the nervous system.
Buckwheat: it is especially rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E and B complex. Strengthens artery walls. It lowers blood pressure. Eliminates discomfort with varicose veins. This healing properties of buckwheat is made possible by the ingredient rutin. Buckwheat is used ground (flour) and in grains.
Corn: is great for better bowel function because it encourages cramping and relaxation of the intestines and faster pushing of food through the digestive organs. Corn contains a lot of magnesium. The best choice is young and yellow corn, especially if eaten from a cob. Another suitable form is turkey. Pop corn is obtained from a special type of corn. By heating and “blooming” the grain, starch is converted into dextrin, which is a good laxative and does not create excess weight.

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