Spices are like books in a home library

Spices are important in the preparation of food that should be tempting in taste and smell. Herbs should be kept in well-closed jars to preserve the aroma and quality. Spices are like books that need to be at our fingertips at every opportunity. Aromatic plants grow well on balconies in pots or gardens.
Anise is a plant with an aromatic and intense aroma. It is placed in the water in which the fish is cooked. It is added to bread, pastries and cakes.
Star anise-the fruit of the star anise tree has an intense aroma. It is used for the production of sweets, some cakes and sometimes for homemade bread.
Garlic powder is a very concentrated spice with which dishes can be improved. Sometimes you need to rub garlic powder on the bowl in which you will put the salad (for better taste). It is used fresh and powdered for sauces, fish dishes, stews and stews.
Pepper — the most famous is white and black pepper. Green and red pepper are used. It is better to buy granular pepper and grind it by hand. That way it will be more aromatic. Black pepper is a strong and fragrant spice. It is added to salads, soups, pies and dishes of vegetables, meat and fish. White pepper is harvested when ripe. The grains are peeled. It has a milder and finer taste than black pepper. It is used for thick creamy soups, salads and fish dishes. Green pepper is most often from Madagascar. It is preserved by drying or deep freezing. The grains are crushed before use. They are incomparably more aromatic than black and white pepper. Green pepper is used for spicy dishes of vegetables, fish, orchards and pasta. Red pepper is added to chocolate and cakes.
Cayenne pepper is the hottest type of small red and green peppers from which the powder is obtained by grinding. It is added to salads, fish and crab dishes and shrimp.
Basil-an annual plant. Favorite addition to tomato soups and salads. It is better to crumble the basil between your fingers than to cut it with a knife. It can be canned in jars with olive oil (the basis for the famous Italian pesto).
Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices. When cinnamon is powdered, it is the bark of the cinnamon tree. It is used for fruit salads, pies and cakes, especially apple cakes.
Chili powder – by grinding small and hot peppers, a powder is obtained from which chilli or Tabasco is made. It is a very sharp, spicy and spicy spice. It is added to fish and seafood sauces or salads with toppings.
Satureja hortensis – the stems of this plant are used. The leaves are used fresh and dried. It has a sharp and spicy taste. It is used for dishes of beans, kale, cabbage and cucumber salads.
Ginger- used fresh, dried, ground and powdered. It has a spicy and pleasant taste. It has a pleasant aroma. It is added to salads, meat dishes and as an addition to sweet dishes and fruit salads.
Tarragon — used sparingly (on the tip of a knife — if dried and only a leaf — if fresh). Except for main meat dishes, it is best if you leave it to flavor vinegar, which is later used for salads.
Mustard-exists in grain and ground. It is used for vegetable pies, salads and fish marinades.
Curry is a blend of exotic spices — black pepper, chili, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, turmeric, and curry that gives it a yellow color. There is a mild and spicy one that is added to rice dishes, sauces, salads, roast meat and fish.
Cardamom-can be bought powdered and ground. It has a pleasant and mild taste. It is used for meat and fish pâtés, homemade bread and pastries.
Clove-goes with fruit salads, dried fruit treats. It is good in marinades or as an addition to bread, homemade pâtés and pastries.
Kim is used for bean and vegetable dishes, cabbage and beet salads and other vegetable dishes.
Juniper berries are added to sauerkraut and beetroot dishes and other vegetable dishes.
Fennel-has a strong and aromatic scent. It has a taste reminiscent of anise. It is a great addition to black bread, bean salads or fish salads.
Coriander – there are grainy and ground. It has a sweet and aromatic smell that resembles the smell of orange. It is used for marinades, put in water in which fish is cooked, as well as homemade bread and pâtés.
Wild parsley-has small narrow leaves and fine flowers reminiscent of parsley. It goes well with all types of salads.
Turmeric has a pungent odor. The ground spice is mostly used in salad dressings based on mustard and oil.
Bay leaves are used for marinades, soups, broths, sauces, bean dishes, cabbage, kale.
Marjoram-shrub plant with aromatic leaves. Fresh and dried leaves are used for meat dishes and baked potatoes.
Nutmeg or walnut has a characteristic aroma. Grated is used for cakes, desserts, marinades and salad dressings.
Spice-yellow spice blossom is used in vinegar for pickles. The tender leaves are used as a spice for fish, soups, dishes of peas, potatoes and other vegetables.
Muscat flower-spice of light orange color. It has a milder taste than nutmeg. Used for salad dressings with other green spices.
Oregano-oregano leaves are indispensable for pizzas. They are put in various soups, salads, vegetable dishes, toppings and sauces.
Pepper-sweet, semi-hot, or hot ground pepper is an addition to cold and hot dishes because it enhances (and never covers and surpasses) other dishes.
Allspice – the best quality has allspice from Jamaica. The red berries are picked and dried in the sun. They turn brown and look like pepper. They smell like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Allspice is used for cold meat and fish dishes, for cold soups and sauces, in fish marinades.
Rosemary is placed in marinades for meat and fish or in water in which fish is cooked. It is an excellent addition to grilled sea fish.
Saffron is a spicy yellow spice. This is a slightly bitter spice obtained from the saffron flower. Saffron is an expensive spice so a small amount is added to sauces, and toppings for seafood and risotto.
Thyme -It is used dried in small quantities as a spice for game, poultry dishes and soups and salads and toppings for soups and salads.

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