33 health problems treated with the Aloe Vera plant

1. Hordeolum or inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the upper or lower eyelid (ie localized infection or inflammation of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid, which causes a red lump and swelling near the edge of the eyelid) -cut one aloe leaf. Wash it with water. When the leaf dries, squeeze the juice from it. Dilute the juice with boiled cold water (dilute one part juice with 10 parts water). From the mixture, make compresses for the affected eye.
2. Visual disorders – in order to improve eyesight, folk medicine recommends aloe vera and honey: take aloe leaves 2-3 years old. Tear off the leaves with your hands or cut them with a special wooden knife (contact with the iron is not allowed). The obligatory phase at the stage of drug preparation is the activation of the compound contained in the plant. The leaves should be placed in a triple layer of cloth and kept on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for ten days. Then it should be crushed with your hands. Mix the crushed mixture with the same amount of honey. Place the mixture in a clay or glass container. Close the container. Let stand for 3 weeks. Then strain the liquid through cotton gauze. Leave to stand for another 5 days. The tool is used three times a day for 2/3 of a wooden spoon. The duration of medical treatment is determined in accordance with the positive results of treatment.
3. Cataracts – There are several known methods of affecting aloe in cataracts. To carry out one of the medicinal methods of treatment should take 750 grams of aloe leaves.squeeze the leaves. Squeeze the juice out of them. Add 500 grams of natural honey and 75 grams of red wine. Mix the ingredients. Leave the mixture to stand for 10-14 days. Take one tablespoon 3 times a day an hour before meals. After two weeks, take one tablespoon until the medicine is used up.
4. Toothache (periodontitis) – before going to bed, wash the aloe leaf and cut it longitudinally. Put the compress on the sore spot overnight. Regular use of this procedure stops the inflammatory process and pain. Tooth decay is also stopped — a symptom of atrophic periodontitis. The fleshy parts of the plant contain compounds that have a beneficial effect on the tooth tissue – the teeth are cleaned and get a healthy glow.
5. Adipose tissue (atheroma) -Atheroma is a cyst of the adipose gland. The cause is blockage by waste products of the gland outlet duct. It appears on parts of the skin rich in sebaceous glands (face, head covered hair). Atheroma can reach large dimensions. The cyst is then considered a cosmetic defect. It is removed by surgery. The contents of the cyst are a white, mucous mass. Atheroma is a smooth and painless growth of a round shape resembling dough. The disease is difficult to treat with non-traditional methods. There is a method of treatment recommended by phytotherapy. Subcutaneous izralsina can be the size of a pea to a chicken egg. Aloe leaves should be cut from a leaf of the same size to cover the cyst. The leaf should be halved and the juicy side of the leaf placed on the cyst. Aloe should be in constant contact with the growth. As soon as the plant starts to dry, a fresh leaf should be put. This type of treatment requires patience and perseverance of the patient because it can take a long time to get the first positive results. The tissue gradually shrinks due to contact with aloe. After the fat tissue dissolves, no scars will remain.
6. Redness of the skin and dilated capillaries – the biostimulating effects of aloe are used here. In the evening or in the morning, clean your face and neck well with strong black tea. Smear with juice or a piece of the leaf of the plant from which the bark was previously removed. Using a sliding motion, gently rub the aloe juice for 1-2 minutes all over your face and neck. Then apply a nourishing cream on damp skin. After the first procedure, a slight burning sensation often occurs. This phenomenon passes after 2-3 therapies. Repeat the procedure 1-12 times every third day.
7. Loss of voice (Aphonia) -cut 2-3 leaves of aloe. Wash the cut leaves and grind it. Squeeze the juice from the resulting herbal mixture. Mix it with the same or twice the amount of cold boiled water. Rinse the throat several times a day with the obtained solution.
8. Pulmonary tuberculosis-Important warning: Never use if the disease is accompanied by coughing up blood. Prepare 1 liter of aloe juice (leaves cut, washed, ground on a machine and strain the juice through cheesecloth). Add 10 homemade egg yolks, 1 kg of honey, 1 kg of lard and 50 g of cocoa powder. Melt the honey in a steamer before mixing. Heat the fat to make it frothy. During the preparation of the medicine, the components should be well combined until a smooth mass of chocolate color. Fill the jar with the mixture. Leave to stand in a cool place. If after some time the components in the mixture separate, place the container in a warm place to heat the contents. Stir the medicine again and put it in the fridge. Take one spoon three times a day 20-30 minutes before meals continuously for several months.
9. Bronchial asthma-prepare and mix one glass of juice of: aloe, cranberry (red blueberry), lemon, onion, black radish, beets, sugar, honey and alcohol. Combine the ingredients well. Store the medicine in a cool place. Take 2 tablespoons three times a day for half an hour before meals.
10. Trophic ulcers – put a mixture of chopped aloe leaves or a compress with fresh aloe juice directly on the ulcer. Squeeze 100 g of juice from aloe leaves and dissolve 100 g of mummy. Smear the ulcer with the prepared solution. Then cover with an aloe leaf that is facing the juicy part towards the ulcer. Tighten the lining.
11. Inflammatory processes and skin irritations-leaves of aloe leaves that have undergone biostimulating treatment to pass through a meat grinder. Add five times as much water. When the mass has stood for an hour, put the dish on the stove until it boils. After 2-3 minutes of boiling, strain. Use the mixture for coatings.
12. Festering wounds – sabur water perfectly heals old and festering wounds. Apply dressings to sore spots. If new skin is difficult (due to fluid from a festering wound), apply sabur powder to the wound so that the open wound is completely covered. Then the wound should be bandaged. The powder absorbs pus and creates a hard scab under which new skin forms. Sabur heals and heals old wounds. It is completely safe. It acts as an excellent cleanser.
13. Radiation exposure, dermatitis, eczema and burns – the healing effects are achieved thanks to the external use of aloe vera from the pharmacy. The composition of this preparation includes 78 parts of biostimulating aloe juice, 11 parts of castor oil, 0.1 part of eucalyptus oil and other compounds. Leniment is applied in a thin layer on the painful part of the body 2-3 times during 24 hours. Cover with gauze.
14. Physical weakness in children – when children are weak and sick from the age of 6 they can take a strengthening agent. It takes 100 g of aloe juice, 300 g of honey. 50 g of walnuts. Mix the components well. Use three times a day. The dose for children from 6 to 9 years is one small spoon a day. For children older than 9 years, it is two small spoons a day.
15. Hearing neuritis-Squeeze the juice from the leaves of aloe. Mix one part juice with two parts onion juice. Apply the resulting mixture in the ear two or three times a day.
16. Skinny-Excessive weight loss can be cured by using aloe leaves in your diet for several days. Eat a cleaned leaf 3-5 cm long two to three times a day. You can use honey for a better taste of aloe.
17. Diphtheria – folk medicine recommends the use of aloe juice – one small spoon two or three times a day.
18. Varicose veins-grind a few leaves of aloe.juice juice. Mix with the same amount of 40% alcohol and let it stand for 7-10 days in an airtight container. Use to coat varicose veins (small nodules). Soak a cotton swab in the mixture. Apply with light movements along the vein. There is no need to rub.
19. Sciatica-leaf of three-year-old aloe cut in half. Use to rub painful parts of the body. The parts of the body that have been treated with juice must be warmed afterwards.
20. Neuralgia, headache and sciatica-drink half to one tablespoon of aloe juice three times a day for half an hour before meals. In case of a sore spine, an enema with aloe juice can be done in the evening.
21. Pain in the spine due to a cold – grind as many aloe leaves for one tablespoon of juice. Before going to bed, inject the prepared juice into the rectum. A small enema is given to the patient every night until the pain stops.
22. Stretched muscle – in order for the healing process to be successful and in the optimal time, athletes and people with stretched muscle should refrain from activities until the pain subsides in the stretched muscle. If the muscle is swollen, put a cloth with aloe ice on the place of pain. Massage the area lightly. Aloe lotion with the addition of lanolin is applied. After 48 hours, ice bags are replaced with warm compresses of heated aloe leaves.
23. Women’s infertility-there are several recipes for healing women. Using aloe leaf tea is the simplest recipe. Slice a medium-sized sheet. Boil for 5 minutes in 250-300 ml of water at a low temperature. Leave the tea to cool. Strain. Drink the whole amount in small portions for 1-2 days.
24. The lowered uterus-juice of herbs is used in the complex treatment of diseases. To return the uterus to its original position, in addition to medical therapies and procedures, the patient takes the following mixture: 3-4 small spoons of biostimulating juice from aloe leaves, 1-1.5 spoons of cranberry juice
(red blueberries), 1-2 teaspoons of honey, 125-200 ml of cold boiled water. Take three times a day, 30-60 minutes before meals.
25. Inflammatory process of the oral cavity-squeeze 100 g of plant leaves. Turn into porridge. Place in an enamel bowl. Cover. Let stand for an hour. Then put the mixture to a boil. Strain. Pour into a glass jar. Close well. Store in a dark and cool place. Rinse the oral cavity with the mixture.
26. Cough-50 g of ground aloe mixed with 50 g of butter. Add 100 g of honey and 100 g of lard. honey and fat should be melted before mixing. One spoon for adults three times a day. For children, one small spoon three times a day with tea.
27. Influenza and colds – prepare one tablespoon of juice from aloe leaves. Add one small spoon of honey, one spoon of finely chopped iris root, 100 ml of 40% alcohol. Leave the mass to stand for a week. Strain the tea. Use as nasal drops by dripping 2-4 drops in each nostril three times a day. In case of irritation of the nasal mucosa, reduce the alcohol concentration by adding distilled or boiled cooled water. Treatment is continued until complete cessation of respiratory infection.
28. Physical fatigue and dyspepsia-grind the leaves of the plant for half a cup of the mixture. Mix aloe with one cup of sugar. Cover the dish. Leave to stand in a dark place. After 3 days add a glass of red wine. To mix. Leave to stand for 24 hours. Take 30-60 days per tablespoon, 2-3 times a day 40-60 minutes before meals.
29. Gastritis, ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Recipe number 1: twice a day eat a piece of aloe leaf 3-5 cm long 20-30 minutes before a meal. If the patient cannot swallow the coarse and fibrous plant, the juice should be squeezed with the teeth and the remains should be spit out. The treatment lasts continuously for 3 months. If the ulcer still exists, the procedure should be stopped. Repeat in 2-3 weeks. Recipe number 2: Carefully separate the aloe leaves from the tree with your hands. 300-500 ml of juice should be squeezed. Aloe should not be in contact with metal. The juice is obtained by squeezing the leaves with your hands and passing the liquid through gauze. Add a glass of honey and a glass of olive oil to the prepared juice. Stir the mixture. Pour into a bottle and put in a pot with straw or sawdust on the bottom. Add water to the pot. Put on the stove. Cook for 3 hours. New water should be added to the amount of water that has evaporated.When the heat treatment is finished, take the bottle out of the sherpa. Cool down. Repeat well. Leave in a cool, dark place. Take one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. Shake the bottle well beforehand. Care should be taken not to create foam in the bottle. The appearance of foam indicates that the drug is not kept in good conditions and that the temperature is higher than optimal. Recipe number 3: take freshly squeezed aloe juice three times two and a half hours before a meal. The dose for one use is one to two small spoons. This method of healing is especially necessary in the case of reducing the acidity of gastric juice and anacid gastritis. Bitterness from the juice of the plant gives a healing effect.
30. Psoriasis – it is necessary to take the same amount (in grams) of aloe leaves, garlic and butter. Grind plant components. Put on the stove. When the mixture boils, remove from the stove. Use the obtained balm as a means for external use.
31. Blisters on legs-longitudinally cut aloe leaf. In the evening, put it on the juicy side of the blister. Tighten the bandage. In the morning, the blister will be soft and will be able to scrape off painlessly.
32. Strengthening immunity – make a mixture of aloe juice: 100 g of juice, 500 g of ground walnuts, 300 g of honey and the juice of 3-4 lemons. Mix all ingredients. Take a tablespoon or two small spoons three times a day for half an hour before meals.
33. Treatment of exhausted oncology patients-. Such patients need a stronger diet and a lot of vitamins. Therefore, the following biostimulators with the use of aloe leaves are recommended. Recipe number 1: 100 g of aloe juice mixed with 500 g of ground walnuts and add 300 g of honey. Leave the mixture in a cool and dark place for a month. Take one tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals. Recipe number 2: you need two glasses of red beet juice, two glasses of carrot juice, two glasses of radish juice, two glasses of cranberry juice (red blueberries), two glasses of black currant juice, two glasses of birch juice, two glasses juice of the “aboveground” part of St. John’s wort (licorice), juice of up to 10 lemons, 200 g of alcohol, 500 g of honey. Mix all ingredients well. Pour into a dark bowl. Close the container. Leave for 3 weeks in a dark and cool place. Shake occasionally. Strain the liquid through gauze. Take 30 g three times a day for half an hour before meals.

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