Recipes for treatment with seasonal fruit juices (Part III)

Using natural juices, we first cleanse the body. Sometimes this process is accompanied by pain. This is not about the negative effects of juices, especially since they are prepared immediately before use. On the contrary. This is proof that the cleansing process has begun in the body. Unpleasant feelings and impaired functions testify to the intensity of this process. All the impurities accumulated over the years will not be able to be expelled from the body at once. It takes time for the body to be completely cleansed of all accumulated impurities. The use of natural juices helps to improve health, cleanse the body and fill the body with the necessary energy.
Kidney diseases – the cause of the occurrence in most cases is a disorder of excretion of residual substances from the body after the use and digestion of fatty products. Meat and alcohol have an adverse effect on kidney function. Pomegranate juice helps best for treatment and prevention. In ancient Babylon, 5,000 years ago, pomegranate juice was used as a primary therapeutic agent in kidney disease. This tradition was continued in ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and India. The people of Israel believe that the pomegranate fruit gives a good mood. It is especially recommended for patients after surgery during the recovery period. Pomegranate juice compensates for the deficiency of vitamins and energy reserves necessary for the normal functioning of all internal organs. Pomegranate seed juice is a good wetting agent. Pomegranate juice contains potassium, which is important in regulating the exchange of water and salt. That is why potassium is necessary in kidney patients. Pomegranate contains a lot of pectin. These substances enable intensive elimination of harmful and toxic substances from the organism. They stimulate the work of the urinary organs. Use this juice 1 glass at a time in the morning and at night before bed. Between- ¼ glasses after meals for 7 weeks. In case of nephritis, fig juice is recommended for treatment. Fig juice is an anti-inflammatory agent. Preparations with figs are prohibited in diabetes and severe diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Drink 1 glass 2-3 times a day before meals for 3-4 weeks.
Strengthening the immune system – most diseases are caused by insufficient resistance of the organism. The natural barrier in the way of bacteria, viruses and other factors that cause deterioration of health is too weak to have a decent resistance and fight for the health of body and mind. Fruit nipples are an important element for the full functioning of the organism. If the food we eat does not contain enough vitamins and minerals soon begin to manifest negative sides-chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, susceptibility to disease, scurvy and the like. Foods that people take are harder to consume if there is a deficiency of vitamin C. It is enough then to drink a glass of fruit juice (apple or citrus) every morning to make up for this deficiency. Trace elements are also an important component that fruit juices have. Iron is an integral part of hemoglobin and participates in the process of oxygen exchange and the blood system. Complete provision of cells and tissues of the organism is one of the pillars of the normal functioning of the immune system.
Arthritis – this is where the distribution and balance of calcium in the body is disturbed because calcium usually collects in the injured parts instead of supplying all parts of the body evenly from the blood. Gradually, there is a hardening of calcium in the joints, which ends with the deformation of the bones. These processes are accompanied by stronger pain. To dissolve inorganic calcium, the body needs similar acid, which is abundant in grapefruit juice. This juice should be drunk daily at least 0.5 liters.
How to prepare quality homemade juice:
Fruits are a material for the preparation of a valuable natural product. Raw materials (fruits) that have reached maturity in natural (not at home) conditions should be used. Immature or overgrown fruits should not be used because these fruits do not contain useful components for which they are used for medicinal purposes. Undamaged fruit is selected. One small dot can jeopardize the whole amount. The processing of rotten fruit leads to the fact that the delicious and nutritious qualities of the juices are reduced. Spoiled fruit and squeezed juice can be quite harmful to human health. Berries have increased acidity. That is why it is necessary to choose juice products carefully. It is desirable that all the apparatus you use to prepare the juice be made of wood, glass or stainless steel. The dish should be enameled. The use of aluminum or any other oxidizing vessel is not recommended.

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