Recipes for treatment with seasonal fruit juices (Part V)

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Treatment of depression-quince juice has a beneficial effect on the psyche. It normalizes the work of the brain, nourishes the nerve fibers with necessary vitamins, establishes the structure and regulates the work. Quince juice is recommended for people who suffer from nervous excitement. It has a unique ability to improve mood, remove depressive and gloomy thoughts and provide life energy. For the entire treatment of quince juice should drink ½ glasses of juice 2 times a day for a month with a break of 10 days and a repeat of 15 days. The effect of grape juice on the central nervous system is also effective. Significantly reduces stress and other unpleasant influences that cause irritability, depression and bad mood. It helps a person get rid of the confusion of restlessness, fear, treats headaches, irregular breathing and palpitations caused by accident or due to stressful situations. You should take 1 glass of grape juice daily until complete elimination of unpleasant symptoms. Grape juice can be used with other juices: 1/3 grape juice, ¼ glasses of currant juice and ¼ glasses of raspberry juice. Mix all juices. Drink one glass every day. Watermelon juice helps with stress because it is rich in substances useful for the normal functioning of the central nervous system. Watermelon juice has a calming effect on nerve endings, improves heart function and regulates breathing. Watermelon juice and pumpkin juice (1: 1) should be taken one glass a day 3 hours before bedtime.
Neurosis-Blackberry juice is used in neurosis. The content of vitamins and other substances enables and strengthens the general condition of the organism and the nervous system. A mixture of ¼ grape juice, ¼ quince juice, ¼ blackberry juice is recommended. Strawberry juice is a great way to strengthen the nervous system. This juice strengthens the walls of blood vessels and nourishes the nerve endings with the necessary useful substances. Daily use of strawberry juice helps to get rid of nervousness and irritability. Use ½ up to 2 glasses of strawberry juice a day. Insomnia is a symptom of many diseases of the nervous system. Raspberry juice has a calming effect, which is useful against nervous irritability. It is recommended for very tense children as a means of strengthening and reducing aggression. The daily dose of strawberry juice for children is ½-1 glass of juice and for adults 1-1.5 glasses of strawberry juice. Pumpkin juice is recommended for the treatment of nervous excitement whose causes are diseases of the cardiovascular system. The high content of nutrients and vitamins allows this juice to be used to raise vitality, to get rid of irritability, insomnia and other unpleasant conditions. In case of dizziness and frequent heartbeat, take a mixture of ¼ a glass of pumpkin juice, 1/3 glass of grape juice, and 1/5 glass of blackberry juice to drink in the morning and evening 3 hours before bedtime. Rosehip juice has a very beneficial effect on the work of the central nervous system. It is recommended for neurasthenia, increased irritability, insomnia and other diseases. You should drink 1 glass of grape juice daily in the morning or in combination with grape juice or blackberry juice.
Gastritis-quince juice is used to treat gastritis and improve the work of the digestive tract. Quince fruits have a tightening and antiseptic effect, strengthen the stomach, liver, and increase appetite. The large amount of medicinal substances in quince is useful against diarrhea, gastritis and colitis. The juice from the inner part of the fruit and seeds has a mild, protective and anti-inflammatory effect. For gastritis, you should take ½ glasses of quince juice 4 times a day half an hour before a meal. Watermelon juice is also useful. Watermelon acts against inflammatory processes and is beneficial for the gastric mucosa. The content of alkaline substances in watermelon enables the regulation of acid-alkaline balance in the body. Strawberry juice stimulates appetite, improves digestion, quenches thirst. Strawberry juice is especially recommended for diseases of the digestive tract and gastritis. Due to the content of tanning substances, strawberry juice has a astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Strawberry juice is a means for accelerated bile secretion and an antiseptic. Pumpkin juice acts against inflammatory processes and soothes pain. It is very effective for the treatment of severe and chronic colitis and gastritis.
Constipation-grape juice is a valuable dietary product. Contains pectin with cellulose. It stimulates intestinal peristalsis and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the liver and digestive tract. You should take up to 1.5 liters of grape juice a day. The best grape varieties are sour and have a thin skin. Fresh blackberry juice is recommended as an aid ½ glasses 3 times daily before meals. Mix 1/3 cup of blackberry juice and 1/3 cup of quince juice for better effect. Sugar blackberry juice can also be prepared. Gooseberry is an excellent means for quick secretion of bile, slightly soothing and for pain. In case of constipation take 1 glass of juice drip and ½ glasses 3-4 times a day an hour before meals. Pumpkin juice is used against constipation. Then there should be at least 1 glass of juice a day. For a more effective effect, a mixture of juices is recommended: 1/3 cup of pumpkin juice, ½ mix carrot juice, drink one glass at a time an hour before meals, not less than 4 times a day. If you are a person prone constipation should take a drink: in the same proportions mix the juices of quince, watermelon and pumpkin (1/3 of each juice for one glass). Drink ½ glasses half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day. The treatment lasts for one month. Take a break of 10 days. Repeat the therapy for 15 days.
Inflamed gum processes – quince juice or a combination of juices with the addition of quince juice is recommended. Quince is very effective against inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. For a better condition of the oral cavity, drink one glass of quince juice twice a day in the morning and in the evening. You can use the following combinations of juices: Recipe number 1: ¾ glasses of quince juice, ¼ glasses of apple juice. Mix the juices. Take one glass before bed. Recipe number 2: 2 glasses of quince juice, one glass of raspberry juice. Mix the juices. Use one glass 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. Moss juice is recommended to strengthen the oral cavity. This is an indispensable remedy for inflammation of the oral cavity. Drink half a glass of juice three times daily before meals.
Arthritis – in this disease, a high amount of inorganic calcium is excreted in the cartilaginous joints, and berry juices should be used for treatment. Add blackberry drink as well. Blackberry fruits contain a significant amount of cellulose, organic acids, sugar, B vitamins, vitamins C and A, nitrogenous substances, potassium salts, copper and manganese. The use of the following mixtures is recommended: blackberry and wild strawberry juice (1/2 cup of juice 3 times a day before meals), blackberry and gooseberry juice (2-3 tablespoons after each meal), blackberry and raspberry juice half an hour before bedtime), blackberry juice, wild strawberries and apples (one glass in the morning and evening).
Osteoporosis (thinning of bone tissue) -this disease leads to disorders of the structure of bone tissue. The cause of the disease can be improper diet or excessive use of dairy products, concentrated starches and sugar. Berry juices with the addition of black pear juice are recommended. A large amount of vitamins C, P, B2, B9, E and PP were found in the fruits of this fruit. The fruits contain a tanning agent and carotene. It is recommended to use the juice of black ash, juniper and sremza (lat. Prunus Pradus) shrub Rosaceae, genus Prunus (2-3 tablespoons half an hour before meals), the juice of black ash and wild strawberries (half a glass after each meal) or the juice of black ash, black currants, marigold 1-2 tablespoons in the morning and in the evening. Metabolic disorders – gooseberry juice is especially useful for children and adults. The daily dose for children is one glass of gooseberry juice and 2 glasses for adults. In addition to pure gooseberry juice can be used with raspberry juice which has dietary value and is a nutritious vitamin product. It is necessary to pour gooseberry juice and one glass of raspberry juice. Mix the juices. Use the mixture 3 times a day after meals. Black currant juice is unique in its healing effects. It regulates the process of metabolism in the body, strengthens and improves the work of vital organs. Pumpkin juice also has a beneficial effect on the whole body and is useful for maintaining the immune system. The use of pumpkin juice strengthens the health condition, helps with intellectual and physical effort and increases the body’s resistance. Pumpkin juice enables the expulsion of impurities from the body.


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