Spelt is a medicinal plant and the most perfect cereal in its composition

cover photo: http://www.thebreadkitchen.com
The oldest and most perfect spelled cereal is again relevant today. Spelt is a cereal from the Triticum family, which includes wheat and wheat subspecies. Spelled was formed before wheat without genetic modifications and pesticide application. The first written records of spelled date back to 5000 years ago. Spelled was cultivated and cultivated in the area of ​​present-day Iran (then Mesopotamia) where it was the basis for making bread. Spelt migrated to other countries with the development of civilization. Spelt has especially spread through North America. There, since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been cultivated on arable land on about 600,000 hectares.
With the development of mechanization, markets and economy, wheat began to be grown instead of spelled. Wheat is more economical, cheaper and easier to process. Over time, wheat became the primary grain in human nutrition. By returning to nature and organic production, spelled is re-sown on arable land. Spelt is a healthier alternative to wheat. Today, spelled is a popular cereal in Europe. In Italy, spelled is called “farro” and in German it is “dinkel”. Today, spelled flour can be bought in all stores, health food stores or online. Spelt is used to prepare sweet and savory dishes.
12 most important uses of spelt:
1. It speeds up digestion and speeds up bowel movements because it contains a significant amount of cellulose in its integral form.
2. Cleanses the body and normalizes body weight.
3. Dietary food is ideal because there is no starvation. 80-120 grams of wholemeal bread makes a person full compared to other pastries).
4. Strengthens immunity, increases the body’s resistance and speeds up recovery from various diseases.
5. Strengthens the nervous system. Stress and mental strain are easier to bear.
6. Helps create red blood cells. It relieves anemia, cleans the walls of blood vessels and strengthens brain functions.
7. Slows down aging. Long-term use of this cereal ensures the freshness and durability of the organism in later years.
8. Spelt can be used by people with diabetes because carbohydrates are slowly absorbed.
9. Allergies and sensitivity to gluten are very rare.
10. It helps with thinned bones (osteoporosis) because it contains a large amount of calcium. Relieves joint pain and muscle cramps.
11. It has anticancer properties.
12. It helps women who are going through a state of menopause.

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