Treatment with fruit and vegetable juices according to Dr. Norman Walker

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Juice treatment according to Dr. Norman Walker
Juices are useful for all ages of people. When drinking ready-made juices, we forget that such juices are deprived of natural healing powers because some juice ingredients are not resistant to heat treatment. Pasteurization and sterilization of juices destroy many useful and nutritious substances contained in juices. American nutritionist Dr. Norman Walker lived for 118 years from 1866 to 1984. Dr. Walker is the creator of a juice or live food therapy system. Thanks to Dr. Walker’s instructions, thousands of people were healed. This scientist began his contribution to humanity at the end of the last century in London. At that time, in his youth, he was exposed to hard work and stress. Dr. Walker began to eat live food and use fresh fruit and vegetable juices, unable to come to terms with poor health and early death. For more than 100 years, Norman Walker has proven through research and personal experience that quality and long life are connected. Among Dr. Walker’s magnificent contributions is that in 1930 he discovered the therapeutic importance of fresh juices. Dr. Walker has since become a world-renowned leader in nutrition. “Food must be alive,” Dr. Walker said. Such food is represented by fresh vegetable and fruit juices and not by fresh, yellow and ripe fruits. “Juices are better because digestion of solid food takes hours. Juices are absorbed by the body very quickly in just a few minutes. At the same time, minimal energy is spent on digestion, ”says Dr. Walker. Juices have an important task in the human body because they are a building material (the body gets the necessary amino acids, mineral salts, enzymes, vitamins, juices feed the blood and regenerate tissue) and because they are hygienists of the whole organism (clean the body of waste and toxic substances and emit harmful products). Dr. Walker believes that people should drink juices in those quantities that give them pleasure. To achieve visible results, it is necessary to drink at least 0.6 liters per day. To prepare the falcon, Dr. Walker sets certain rules and requirements. Good juice requires quality and well-washed fruits and vegetables. The juice does not last long. The juice should be drunk no later than two hours after preparation. The use of natural juices helps people cleanse the body, restore health and replenish the body with energy.
Natural juices can effectively cure various diseases. Some juices support the tone of the whole organism. Some juices cure diseases.
1. Grapefruit juice supplies people with vitamins, energy and cheerfulness, and at the same time dissolves inorganic calcium, the lack of which is the main culprit for arthritis and arthrosis.
2. Carrot juice normalizes the body and nourishes it with the necessary vitamin A. It fights infections of the eyes, throat and respiratory organs.
3. Tomato juice has a significant anticancer effect. The heart is nourished with potassium and the bone tissue is nourished with calcium and magnesium.
4. Cabbage juice contains carotene and aspartic acid. It is useful against stomach ailments and diseases of the duodenum.

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