Treatment with vegetable juices according to Dr. Norman Walker (cabbage, potatoes, onions, cucumber, parsley, lettuce, celery, spinach and beets)

Cabbage-one of the most important properties of cabbage juice is that it contains a large amount of sulfur and chlorine that allow you to clean the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. The juice contains a large percentage of iodine. That is why cabbage juice is very effective in treating duodenal ulcers. It is a good remedy for obesity because of its cleansing effect, which enables weight loss. Cabbage juice effectively cures the tumor. It cures constipation. Constipation is the cause of various skin diseases, so cabbage juice is used for these purposes. Cabbage juice helps the body digest food well and keeps the skin clean. Adding salt to cabbage juice drastically loses its healing properties and harms the body.
Potatoes – Raw potatoes contain easily digestible sugars that turn into starch when cooked. In the germinated and green potatoes, the toxic substance “solanine” is created, which has an unpleasant effect on the body. Fresh potatoes and squeezed fresh potato juice are beneficial for humans. Potatoes contain large amounts of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine, so they are successfully used to remove pigment spots (freckles) on the skin. Trace elements are useful only in natural and organic form. By cooking, microelements are converted into inorganic elements that have low value and the body cannot absorb them. Unlike other vegetables, it is considered that potatoes cannot be used raw. That is a fallacy. Raw potatoes are tasty and useful grown without chemical components. Fresh potato juice is a great cleanser. A mixture of potatoes, carrots and celery is used against digestive disorders and nervous diseases. For sciatica and goiter, it is recommended to use a mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juices every day. Meat should be completely excluded from the diet. A mixture of carrot, potato and parsley juices helps treat emphysema.
Onion-onion juice allows you to quickly cleanse the body. This juice has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. It perfectly stimulates appetite and secretion of gastric juice. Onion juice is an effective remedy against colds and flu. Cleanses the lungs and bronchi of accumulated mucus.
Cucumber-fresh cucumber contains 40% potassium, 10% sodium, 7.5% calcium, 20% phosphorus and 7% chlorine. This juice is a great way to stimulate urination. Stimulates hair growth, strengthens nails and tones and rejuvenates the skin. Juice from cucumber normalizes blood pressure and is recommended for hypertension and hypotension. It is an excellent tool in the treatment of skin diseases. The key to success is the regular use of juice and the use of face masks. Mixing carrot juice and cucumber juice strengthens the quality of these juices. Such a combination is an excellent remedy for rheumatism.
Parsley juice from parsley leaves is one of the strongest juices. It is allowed to drink 30-60 grams of primrose leaves in juices. Regular use of primrose juice ensures normal oxygen exchange. Stimulates the function of the adrenal glands and thyroid gland. The elements in this juice strengthen the walls of blood vessels, capillaries and arteries. This juice is often used as a remedy for urinary tract diseases. It is effective in expelling kidney stones and sand from the bladder. It is used in nephritis and kidney disease. It is an excellent remedy for treating eye and eye nerve diseases. It has been used successfully to treat cataracts, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and ophthalmia. It is a useful remedy against gynecological diseases. With regular use, spasms (caused by women’s menstrual cycles) completely disappear.
Lettuce juice is rich in iron. Therefore, it is used for diseases of the liver and spleen. Magnesium in the juice is useful for muscle tissue, brain and nerves. Organic magnesium salts are a building material for cells, especially cells of the nervous and muscular system. They ensure the normal functioning of the bloodstream. Lettuce juice contains more than 9% of phosphorus, which is useful for nourishing brain cells. Sulfur, which is an integral part of hemoglobin, has the role of an oxidant. These ingredients are important for normal hair growth, skin and tendon health. It is useful for patients suffering from tuberculosis or various stomach diseases. It is an excellent wetting agent.
Beetroot juice is important for creating red blood cells and strengthening the blood. 20% potassium content in beets provides support for all physiological functions in the body. It is especially useful for women who suffer from menstrual problems. Use in menopause is more effective than the use of drugs and synthetic hormones. It is an excellent organic cleanser for the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. It stimulates the work of the entire lymphatic system. Ordinary beets are several times stronger in calories than other vegetables. Cellulose from beets increases intestinal peristalsis and accelerates the expulsion of impurities from the blood. It is rich in vitamins. Beets are an important source of phosphorus.
Celery – the most valuable feature of celery is the presence of living and biologically active organic sodium, which supports calcium in dissolved form. Celery juice is needed by people who use large amounts of flour and thus cause an imbalance in the body. It compensates for the sodium deficiency in the body. It is useful for people with bronchial and lung problems. A mixture of celery juice and other types of vegetables is an excellent remedy against avitaminosis. Celery is important in the treatment of diseases of the nerves and bloodstream caused by the expulsion of inorganic mineral elements and salts from the body.
Spinach juice from raw spinach is an excellent tool for the normal functioning of the digestive system. Raw spinach contains organic matter that cleanses the intestines and normalizes the normal functioning of the intestinal tract. It has a beneficial effect on teeth and gums. The juice prevents the appearance of periodontitis. It is very effective against bleeding from the teeth and oral cavity and fibrous destruction of the dental plaque. Spinach compensates for the deficiency of vitamins C and E in the body. Spinach juice is a prevention of paralysis, impotence, infertility and disorders of the body.

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