20 facts about garlic

1. Drink half a liter of yogurt daily with 3 chopped cloves of garlic because this drink prolongs life.
2. Mix crushed garlic with honey. Take one tablespoon as it prevents the common cough and cough due to an asthma attack.
3. Before going to bed drink a glass of milk with 25 drops of garlic tincture and 2 tablespoons of honey to stop insomnia.
4. Cook the garlic. Add the same amount of honey. Make a mushy mixture. Put on eczema. Cover the affected area with a cotton cloth.
5. Eat two to three slices of garlic three times a day with each meal to normalize high blood pressure. When the pressure normalizes, one piece of garlic a day.
6. Garlic prevents heart attacks because it lowers blood cholesterol.
7. The ancient Egyptians considered garlic a sacred plant and gave it to slaves who built pyramids.
8. The ancient Greeks called garlic a “stinking rose”.
9. According to “Odyssey”, the god Hermes recommended garlic to Odysseus against the evil eyes of the sorceress Kirke, who turned his friends into pigs.
10. Ancient athletes ate garlic at the Olympic Games just before the start of the competition.
11. Doctors have recommended garlic as a diuretic since ancient times. For the treatment of asthma, toothache, anti-poisoning, and more.
12. In Gascogni, France, young children are rubbed with garlic against birth against spells. He then pours a few drops of Armagnac cognac believing that the children will be resilient to life’s adversities.
13. In the Antilles, roosters are prepared for combat by feeding them a mixture of grain and garlic.
14. This perennial herbaceous plant most likely originated in Central Asia. To this day, it has held the menu of many nations of the world.
15. Garlic contains sulfur essential oils, sulfur heteroside, allicin, mineral salts (calcium, sulfur, phosphorus and iron), nitrogenous substances, phytoncides, vitamins, aline and essential oil.
16. Official medicine has accepted garlic as a medicine in lowering high blood pressure and for treating diabetes.
17. Garlic is a general antibiotic and antiseptic.
18. Doctors used to put a mask soaked in a solution of garlic juice on the face of visiting patients.
19. Garlic is an excellent regulator of the intestinal flora. It is recommended in case of dysentery and cramps in the intestines, but also against all types of infections.
20. Garlic is useful against diseases of the liver and endocrine glands (thyroid and adrenal glands). It regulates the percentage of glucose in the blood, so it is good for diabetics and obese people. White is considered to have a preventive effect on cancerous tumors, especially the digestive organs.

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