20 interesting facts about rosemary

cover photo: http://www.unsplash.com
1. Rosemary became famous around the world as a means of rejuvenation thanks to the Hungarian Queen Isabella.
2. The Mediterranean is home to rosemary, although this plant is cultivated in America, Central Asia and China.
3. Rosemary is an aromatic and branched semi-shrub woody only in the lower part. It has dense leaves on the edges bent downwards. It is 1-3 meters high.
4. According to the customs, every rosemary branch should be given to every guest at the wedding and every visitor to the solemn celebrations.
5. Rosemary leaves are used for medicinal purposes. Rosemary camphor is a fragrant substance. It stimulates circulation and has a good effect on the nervous system.
6. Today, rosemary is mainly used for external rubbing and baths.
7. Rheumatic patients and patients with neuralgia use alcoholic tincture of rosemary. Rosemary ointment is good against ulcers and wounds that heal slowly.
8. Rosemary extract and salt are used for baths. These baths are pleasantly refreshing and awakening, so it is best to use them in the morning. The bath is most useful for people with low blood pressure.
9. Ointment or rosemary has been shown to be good for heart problems. It is rubbed in a circular motion into the chest above the heart in the morning and evening. The name of the ointment in pharmacies is Unguentum cardiacum.
10. Rosemary wine is useful if one small glass is drunk after lunch or dinner. Wine is both a tonic for people with poor circulation and a stimulant for the elderly. Rosemary wine is obtained when 2 tablespoons of rosemary are boiled for 5-10 minutes with 7.5 dcl of water and 2.5 dcl of white wine.
11. One tablespoon of rosemary juice 2-3 times a day is a good substitute for people who want to avoid alcohol consumption.
12. It should be known that rosemary stimulates blood circulation but is not a cure for heart disease.
13. Alcoholic tincture of rosemary is an excellent means of massage for headaches and rheumatism.
14. Fragrant rosemary essential oil evaporates easily, so the dry plant should be kept closed.
15. It is good to soak two large spoons of rosemary leaves and flowers in 1 liter of white wine (or 60% alcohol) and let it stand for 6 days. Strain. Drink a small glass daily before breakfast. It calms the heart, stimulates urination and circulation, so it is used for water sickness, rheumatism, gout and inflammation of the joints.
16. Rosemary drops are useful and cure the same diseases as rosemary leaves and flowers.
17. Drops of rosemary are obtained when the cut branches of rosemary are poured with alcohol or olive oil. Drops made in this way can be stored for years. Take 6-10 drops of sugar twice a day (if they are in oil) or 20-25 drops a day (if the drops are alcoholic).
18. Rosemary venom causes lethargy while wormwood venom and sage venom cause aggression.
19. In overdose, rosemary causes diarrhea.
20. Alcoholic tincture of rosemary is obtained when we mix 30 grams of finely chopped rosemary, one sliced ​​lemon with peel (cut into cubes), 2 plates of camphor (purchased at pharmacies or herbal pharmacies) and 300 grams of 96% alcohol (purchased at pharmacies or herbal pharmacies). ). Let the mixture stand in the sun or in a warm place for 48 hours. Strain. Add 300 g of alcohol to the remaining mixture. After 48 hours, combine both ingredients. It can be used to massage sore spots (back, spine, hips) or nervous pains in swollen legs.


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