Healthy treatment with cherry and strawberry juices

The following instructions should be followed for the preparation of juices at home:
1. Use ripe fruit. No spots or rotten spots.
2. Wash the fruit well in cold water.
3. The container in which the juice is made should be resistant to the increased action of acids contained in fruit juices. The juicer should be made of stainless steel. Otherwise, the juice will immediately get a dark color and lose its casting properties.
4. Seeds and stalks should be removed from the fruit.
5. It is desirable to drink fruit juice without sugar. Honey can be added to sour juice.
Cherry-cherry fruit contains sugar, pectin, organic acids, inositol, malic, citric and folic acid, tannins, carotene, vitamins B, C, PP. The cherry fruit contains minerals (copper, potassium, iron and magnesium). Cherry juice is used in medicine. It strengthens the appetite, perfectly quenches thirst, is a good expectorant, antiseptic, has a beneficial effect on the liver.
Strawberry-strawberry juice refreshes, tones the skin, perfectly quenches thirst. It contains vitamins, iron, carotene, some organic acids, moderate amounts of sugar, phosphorus and lime salts, pectins, tannins, dyes and essential oils. Simultaneous use of strawberry juice and cabbage juice helps dissolve and expel kidney and bile stones. It prevents the new formation of stones in the kidneys and bile. Adding a pear to apple juice prevents suffocation and shortness of breath (in panic attacks). Strawberry juice affects cholesterol. It quickly and effectively lowers blood cholesterol levels. An excellent tool for the prevention of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. The fruits should not be spoiled and rotten. When buying, give preference to bright, ripe, fleshy and juicy berries with a thin skin and small seeds. Always check the taste of the fruit before squeezing the juice. The taste should not be sour. If the fruits are very watery, the juice from such fruits is not useful because it lacks nutrients.
Prevention of colds-cherry juice is an excellent prevention of colds. It restores vitality and good mood to the body. You should drink half a glass three times a day before meals.
Strengthening immunity – strawberry juice is especially useful for children because it maintains the vitamin balance in the body and provides energy. One glass of juice a day is recommended for children with e. Adults can drink 2 glasses of juice a day.
Tuberculosis – wild strawberry juice is recommended. A third of a glass at least three times a day before meals.
Gastritis-strawberry juice strengthens appetite, improves digestion and perfectly quenches thirst. It is especially recommended for diseases of the digestive tract and gastritis. Due to the content of tanning substances, strawberry juice has astringent and anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effects and is a means for accelerated bile secretion.

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