12 interesting facts about dill (Anethum graveolens)

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1. The homeland of dill spice is the Middle East. Dill is grown and propagated independently in gardens.
2. Housewives put dill leaves in water in which they will pickle cucumbers for the winter and in sauces. The fruit is unfortunately little used although it is more medicinal than the leaves.
3. The whole plant and fruit have a characteristic pleasant spicy aromatic smell and spicy taste.
4. Medicinal is a ripe fruit and less often the tops of twigs in bloom (Anethi Fructus et summitas).
5. The main medicinal composition is essential oil (Anethi aetheroleum) which is produced by distillation of ground ripe fruits with water vapor. Fresh oil is a colorless, easily mobile liquid with a pleasant and strong smell.
6. The main ingredients of the oil are limonene (70%) and carvone (at least 30%).
7. Dill acts against inflammatory processes, bacteria and gases. It improves the work of the stomach, reduces arterial pressure, regulates the menstrual cycle of women / girls and strengthens lactation.
8. Hot dill compresses on hemorrhoids soothe pain. The seeds should be chewed for flu prevention.
9. Dill removes clogged. It has certain anti-poisoning properties, especially in combination with honey. Soothes colic and stomach cramps.
10. Dill prevents food from spoiling in the stomach. Tea from the leaves, stems and seeds of dill (fresh or dried) is drunk against pain in the spine, kidneys, bladder and stomach, and against vomiting.
11. Large doses of dill dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure. People with low blood pressure should not use this spice in large quantities.
12. Prolonged and excessive use of dill is not recommended because it is then harmful to eyesight and brain, weak stomach and kidneys and bladder.

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