15 interesting facts about horseradish (Cochlearia armoracia)

cover page: https://www.amazon.com/Annies-Organic-Horseradish-Mustard-Bottle/dp/B000VKA0MC
1. It is assumed that the homeland of horseradish is Southeast Europe, although horseradish is cultivated everywhere in the world.
2. The most important substance in horseradish is the glucoside sinigrin. Horseradish contains even stronger essential oils that in combination with other effective materials cause tears and sneezing.
3. Horseradish has 5 times higher content of vitamin C than lemon. Horseradish root is used only in fresh form.
4. Horseradish has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of damaged bacteria (dysbacteria). It helps with pancreatic disorders.
5. Horseradish is a medicinal spice for diabetics. When used in moderation, it helps to overcome spring fatigue when people are deficient in vitamin C.
6. Horseradish is similar to penicillin because it has a strong antibiotic effect. That is why horseradish tincture has a good effect on wounds that heal slowly. Horseradish relieves and heals pain. The use of horseradish should be discontinued if severe diarrhea or increased sweating of the feet occur at the same time. Horseradish can be used regularly by diabetics, rheumatists and people prone to gout.
7. Horseradish and fresh horseradish-based spices relieve asthma, severe cough and mucus production in the bronchi (lungs).
8. Horseradish accelerates the excretion of urine. With its known bactericidal action (it kills bacteria), it disinfects the urinary excretion system (kidneys, bladder and genitals). Large amounts of horseradish should not be used at once as it can cause bleeding due to kidney irritation.
9. Good results are achieved with an inflamed bladder if small amounts of horseradish are taken properly. Take 3-4 tablespoons of fresh grated horseradish with a little wine vinegar daily and mix with grape sugar. Urine will soon become clean and free of harmful ingredients. Freshly squeezed horseradish juice helps to quickly destroy colic bacteria.
10. Headache is treated with a compress of freshly grated horseradish placed on the back of the head. Horseradish combined with garlic is great for the elderly. This combination repairs blood vessels and arteries and lowers blood pressure.
11. Grated horseradish is put in wine vinegar for 8 days. This is how horseradish vinegar is obtained. As a diluted extract it is an excellent cosmetic for removing sun spots and skin pimples.
12. Horseradish bath is good and healing and is used for frostbite. Add one to two handfuls of horseradish to the hot bath water. Such baths should be used more often.
13. For fever, horseradish slices should be strung on a string. Hang around your neck as horseradish draws out the heat. Freshly grated horseradish placed at the site of a bee, wasp or other insect sting immediately removes the pain if the sting is removed.
14. Horseradish is not recommended in case of gastritis with increased acid and stomach ulcers except in the form of compresses.
15. Horseradish tincture for home use: raw horseradish. Mix it with alcohol. Leave to stand for at least 14 days to obtain an extract. Squeeze out the rest and get a tincture. It is used against purulent wounds, pain and swelling. The pain subsided abruptly.

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