Wild plants are free and available to all people

2020-07-06 12.01.38
Wild edible plants are mostly accessible and well known. People can find and harvest these herbs with a little effort if they “deviate a little from the asphalt”. In addition to herbs, you need whole grain bread, water from springs and dishes (utensils) made of natural materials (ceramics, glass or wood) and you get a complete and extremely healthy meal. The use of wild plants and herbs in cooking is not a program for a new type of diet, but an attempt to connect people more with nature. The purpose of plants is to provide satiety and to create and preserve the harmony of the world. By connecting the largest and the smallest being in nature. The long-term satisfaction of the body’s needs with food from nature required me to radically change my lifestyle and all human habits. Nevertheless, partially and regularly supplementing the menu with food from nature helps people to improve their physical and spiritual health and change their views of the world around us.
Food is not a property and should not be procured only in exchange for money or grown on certain plots. Food is all around us. Nature is a friend to all people under whose protection we have grown healthy, free and satisfied for thousands of years. There are plants, animals, fungi and even some types of soil in nature. It is a wonderful fact that the tastiest and healthiest herbs, wild fruits and vegetables are also the most widespread. If we look for a cure from nature, we will find it among plants that suffer from the same external influences as humans. The famous alchemist and physician Paracelsus wrote … “And medicine sprouts everywhere from the earth. Even though we don’t notice anything. ”Many edible and healthy plants are constant companions of roads and human settlements, or are common and widespread weeds. The weed is a synonym for the undesirable and even harmful. Some weed plants are nutritious, medicinal, durable, resilient and intelligent. People should use them more in their daily menu. Bring wild herbs into the kitchen and prepare it according to the way that suits you best. Make the preparation simple with as little heat treatment as possible because that way you will get the most out of the wild plant. Wild plants are medicinal. They fulfill the ideal of Hippocrates’ statement: “Let food be your medicine and medicine – food.” The largest group consists of green leafy vegetables. A large group with edible fruits, mostly wild fruits, is significant. There are plants with edible underground parts (roots, tubers, rhizomes) and plants with edible seeds, flowers, leaf and flower buds. There is a numerous and useful group of herbs and teas. The most common of these species can be used in several parts at different times of the year (leaves in spring, flowers during summer, seeds during early autumn and roots before the beginning of winter). The plant can be used in several ways: as a coating, as a decoration for the home, artistic inspiration, for the preparation of food or tea or tincture, or in some new and special way.

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