Exotic fruits on the daily menu

In the diet of most people, exotic fruits are constantly present. However, exotic fruits have an advantage because they can be used alone or as a side dish to meat and fish dishes.
1. Pineapple is called the “queen of fruits” because it contains the sweetness of honey, tastes like strawberries, smells like peach and has the juiciness of melon. We use pineapple fresh and canned. It is used mainly as one of the ingredients of fruit salad. Pineapple can be used as a side dish with meat and fish.
2. Delicious mango is actually an apple of the tropics. It is actually an oblong fruit of oval shape (mango tree) whose plum size is up to 750 grams in weight. The thin skin of the mango is not eaten. The fleshy part of the mango is rich in vitamin A. In the middle of the fruit there is a flat stone that is difficult to remove. Therefore, the mango should be cut into three parts so that the stone remains in the middle ring.
3. A sweet Japanese apple tastes best when overripe. Then it softens completely and is placed on the table directly from the refrigerator. The meaty part of this fruit has no aroma, so we can season it with a little lemon juice before consumption.
4. Datula In the states around the Euphrates and Nile rivers, datula is called “desert bread”. Dates are mostly eaten fresh, dried or used as a spice. Try the lamb leg with fruit toppings (dates) sometimes.
5. Figs-eat fresh and dried figs. Figs go well with strong cold coffee, cold milk, kefir, yogurt, and cheese. The darker the color of the fig, the more ripe the fig. The color of ripe figs goes from yellow-green to light purple. However, if the fig is dark purple in color, then it has too strong an aroma – it is no longer tasty to eat and consume.

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