5 tips for festive occasions in homes

2020-07-13 10.43.13
1. Intimate gathering of friends and relatives – from nine in the evening, make phone calls. Alcoholic beverages (gin, whiskey), cherries and various soft drinks are served. Prepare trays with sandwiches. Free up the middle of the living room to have enough free space. Leave a few chairs around so that the person who wants to can rest. In one corner should be placed a section with drinks and a sufficient number of glasses. Guests can use themselves and the hosts to facilitate tasks.
2. Dinner – according to the custom or season, dinner is served from eight to nine in the evening. The best number of guests is 6. Guests are called by phone at least seven days in advance. An aperitif is served while the guests arrive. The table arrangement and serving should be flawless. Choose a menu that will not require your attention until the last moment. The first dish should be warm. The second dish should be a cold dish. This is followed by dessert and fruit. This menu will be quite suitable for every housewife on these occasions.
3. A quick cold dinner — usually begins around eight-thirty in the evening. Music, cards and board games will entertain guests during dinner. The portion with drinks should be placed on the table in the corner of the living room. It should be covered with a sheet with trays, plates, cutlery and glasses. Mild red or white wine is served. The menu is primarily composed of cold dishes that are easily cut even with a fork. In some cases, a hot dish can be served. At the end, hot coffee is served.
4. Cheese and wine’s kind of reception begins at eight-thirty in the evening. It usually lasts until midnight or late evening. In this case, the menu is composed exclusively of various types of cheese. Cheese biscuits or crackers are served with the cheeses. White or red wine is served. White wine is most often served. Prepare a few milk breads or pastries, plates, knives and paper towels.
5. Drink temperature – each alcoholic beverage should be served to guests chilled to the temperature that gives the drink its best aroma and taste. This temperature is different for different drinks:
-from 6 to 8 ° C for sparkling wines (champagne), beer, light brandies, southern fruit liqueurs
-from 8 to 10 ° C for Riesling and other white wines, dessert wines, red beer, liqueurs
-from 10 to 12 ° C for light red wines, some liqueurs
-from 14 to 16 ° C (room temperature) for heavy red wines, burgundy, dark types of brandy.

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