5 tips to avoid and slow down the appearance of neck wrinkles

1. The neck is the most commonly neglected part on the human body. The neck is also the part of the body where the age and appearance of wrinkles are most quickly seen. We usually notice that wrinkles appear on the neck when the neck begins to relax and flabby. Sleep on a low headboard.
2. Take care to keep your head when reading, watching TV or studying. Do exercises for this part of the body (head-neck) every day. Rinse your neck with cold water in the evening.
3. Massage the neck and rub in gently massaging the nourishing cream. Then tap your neck lightly with your fingers.
4. Sometimes put a compress of chamomile or linden on guard. Tie a scarf tightly over the lining. The knot of the scarf should be on the top of the head.
5. Every night, shower your neck with warm and then cold water. Use special nourishing neck creams. Use packages with quality oils. Use a simple mask of sour cream and honey in equal proportions.

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