The Koćuša waterfalls are created by the only submerged river in Europe

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The tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina includes natural waterfalls located in the towns of Jajce, Ljubuški, Bihać and many other towns.
Waterfalls near the town of Ljubuški (15 kilometers away from the town) are a lesser known but equally attractive tourist destination.
There are as many as three waterfalls on the river Trebižat. Their names are Kravice, Čeveljuša and Koćuša.
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As history says, the great duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača near Blagaj chose the town of Ljubuški as the place where he would build his fortress. Legend has it that Stjepan Kosača built a town for his wife Ljubuša – Libuša, in order to enjoy his other fortifications unhindered with a Venetian woman, and that is how the town of Ljubuški got its name. However, according to written sources, none of his wives had the name Ljubuša.
A tradition preserved among the Bosniaks of Ljubuski says that the town was named after the Ljuba spring, otherwise the name of the Gožulj spring is unexplained. And in that legend, Duke Stjepan is mentioned, who, on the advice of a villa, built a town above Ljubuški. The fairy told him: “Don’t go to town in Tihaljina, go down Ljubi leads to the cold.”
Little is known that this area hides numerous stećak tombstones (tombs from Medieval Bosnia and Herzegovina). Tombs have been recorded at as many as 45 locations. The Dilić-Bijača necropolis is under the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The town of Ljubuški was once widely known for its tobacco plantations. It is the sunniest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, the city is known for quality early fruits and vegetables (especially potatoes).
There is a river in the town of Ljubuški that has as many as nine names. The most famous name is the river Trebižat. The Trebižat River is the only sinkhole in Europe. This river disappears nine times and rises again. Rijeka creates the Koćuša waterfall, which is a true “Natural Water Park”. The travertine waterfall is over 50 meters wide. It creates peace and cool and pleasant air.
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The tourist offer improves over time. Near the beautiful waterfalls Koćuša there are numerous restaurants, a large parking lot, cafe bars, souvenir shops and promenades that take you to the waterfall. The food is homemade and includes famous Herzegovinian cheeses, potatoes prepared in several ways, homemade pasta, mushrooms and other ingredients of this region.


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