10 unusual facts about coconut

cover page: http://www.unsplash.com
1. Coconut is the elixir of life and the miraculous fruit of the coconut palm.
2. It reduces the risk of diabetes because it enhances insulin secretion and blood glucose utilization. It helps in healing the kidneys, liver and thyroid gland.
3. Coconut palm and coconut (lat. Cocos Nucifera palm fruit) are used everywhere on the planet although they grow in the tropics.
4. Coconut does not absorb seawater. It can float up to 4,500 kilometers.
5. If the coconut is found on the ground again after floating on the sea / water, it starts to germinate.

6. The coconut palm bears its first fruit after 7 years.
7. A tree 15 to 60 years old bears 60 to 80 walnuts.
8. In traditional medicine in countries where thriving coconut has been used since time immemorial for various diseases. It is effective in influenza, colds, bronchitis and asthma, obesity, pneumonia and digestive disorders.
9. Coconut is recommended in all forms for herpes, hepatitis C, diseases caused by bacteria.
10. It helps in better kidney function because it contributes to the breakdown of kidney stones.



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