How to care for a child’s skin during the summer months?

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Today, there are a variety of cosmetics designed exclusively for the care of sensitive baby skin (especially during the hot summer months).
1. Bath soap, a very mild shampoo, an extremely oily cream (for the diaper area) and possibly a mild baby powder are needed. Soap can dry out baby’s skin although it doesn’t directly harm a baby’s skin. If you notice that your child’s skin is dry to the touch after bathing, apply baby lotion or cream to the skin in the diaper area.
2. Wet wipes should only be used in situations where you cannot wash your child with soap and water. Minimize the use of wet wipes if you have noticed that wet wipes dry out baby’s delicate skin. Try using wet wipes that contain care oils to wipe off the dirt and remove it more easily.
3. Use the cream to protect your baby’s face from cold and dry air, especially the sun during the summer months. When necessary, it is desirable to use creams with a high protection factor. Otherwise, it is recommended to smear the baby’s face with a little cream. The cream should be applied before bed and after an evening bath.
4. Never expose babies to the sun from 10 am to 5 pm in summer. Even in the shade of a baby, apply creams with a high protection factor (30 and more). Babies in summer should always have a lighter hat or hat on their head that will reflect the sun.
5. Babies sweat profusely in summer as adults. Pay special attention to the area around the diaper to avoid bites or inflammatory processes.
6. Baby clothes can be washed with common detergents but always separately. Clothes, cloth diapers, bedding and everything the baby comes in contact with should be washed at high temperatures (60 to 90 ° C). You be washed twice with water.
7. If you notice the appearance of redness or allergies on the baby’s skin, then pay special attention to washing children’s clothes. Use fabric softener with caution. There are a large number of fabric softeners on the market specifically made for children.
8. Always iron complete baby clothes for disinfection. When the child grows up there will be no need for extra attention.
Popular babies cosmetic’s products:
Interesting fact: In the old days, babies were given natural amber jewelry as a gift at birth. Amber is a natural petrified pine resin of Pinus succinifera. It was formed 40 to 50 million years ago. Today it is found as a fossil. Natural amber deposits are among other locations in the North Sea countries. Many mothers and pregnant women believe in the positive effects of amber. Amber jewelry is procured for babies and used as jewelry (necklace, bracelet, etc.). This jewelry is not a toy for children (possibility of swallowing small parts). Do not give this jewelry to children instead of a toy.
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