Healing and mystical balls are located in the Bosnian town of Zavidovići

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Zavidovići is a town in the heart of Bosnia that was first mentioned in old records in the 15th century. It is a city on three rivers: Bosna, Krivaja and Gostovića and a city of trees. You come to this city with the intention of not passing by (when traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina). Zavidovići is located 11 kilometers from the main road Doboj-Zenica. The chimney and industrial plants of the former industrial giant “Krivaja” are recognizable signs of this city. Green landscapes in the city environment are a sign of natural resources and beauty that characterize this city.
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The Church of the Holy Trinity from the 16th century in Vozuća is one of the oldest sacral buildings. In the 19th century, this city experienced a real boom. Then the most modern sawmill was founded, later the industrial complex “Krivaja”. The Šamac-Sarajevo railway passes through the city, which is a significant connection between the city and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zavidovići became famous mostly thanks to wood processing, sawmill and industrial complex “Krivaja”. The tradition of the wood industry began in 1884 with the founding of two companies, Gregerson & Sohne and Eisler und Ortlieb. Today, the company “Krivaja” produces wooden prefabricated houses, carpentry, furniture and other wooden products. The former factory “Krivaja” remained only a memory of ancient and past times.
“Krivajina vila” is a fairy-tale building from the period of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, which is today a special decoration of the city and a national monument. The villa is located in Radnička Street in the industrial part of town. It stands out with its unusual construction among other buildings. The villa has a decorated green roof and decorated exterior. The protected natural area is a natural monument of Tajan. It is named after the eponymous mountain Tajan, whose highest peak is 1297 meters above sea level. This is an ideal destination for hiking, excursionists, recreationists and all people who love nature. Tajan is rich in clean watercourses, endemic plant and animal species and speleological bays, caves and buildings. The surroundings of Zavidovići abound in tourist excursion sites / potentials in untouched nature. Excursion site Kamenica is one of such excursion sites. In recent times, the resort is visited by many tourists from around the world because of the stone balls. Stone balls are a kind of natural phenomenon and a unique tourist offer in the world. There are few localities in the world except Zavidovići where there are stone balls (Costa Rica and Mexico). These spheres have an almost perfect shape and there is still no official theory about the formation of spheres. You will often see many tourists who believe in healing balls and meditate next to the balls or touch them because they think they are thus drawing positive energy. In the town of Zavidovići, about 60 stone balls were discovered at several locations. The most famous and largest stone ball was found in 2016 in the suburb of Podubravlje. This ball weighs over 30 tons. People believe that the mystique and potential healing properties of stone balls will attract many visitors from all over the world for a long time to come.
Admission to all excursions in the city is free.
Coffee costs 0.5 Euro. Parking is free.
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