Goji fruits are called the “red diamond of medicine” in the East

cover photo: http://www.dissolve.com
Lately, red Goji berry (lat. Lycium barbarum) have become popular. These useful beans have been used in Japan and China for over 100 years. Today they can be grown on a piece of land in almost all parts of the world. Goji is a natural antioxidant-activated metabolism. It contains amino acids and precious minerals. Although Goji is not a universal remedy, you can use these berries to cleanse the intestines and normalize the body’s acidity and strengthen the immune system. With Goji you can get rid of fat deposits on the body if you exercise and follow the rules of diet.
In case of poor blood coagulation, be careful when using Goji berry. They are forbidden for use by people with low blood pressure, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Benefits of Goji berries:
-strengthens the body and fights infections. Prevents the formation of candida and intestinal bacilli.
Goji Berries
-you can eat a few Goji berries 3x a day. The recommended dose is 30 grams.
-sildly gives tonality to the body, improves the condition of the blood and strengthens the condition of the vessels of the cerebrum. Headaches and dizziness disappear.
-normalize kidney function and reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol in the liver and blood, preventing fatty degeneration of the liver.
-It cleanses the blood of harmful deposits and toxins, strengthens the lungs and eyesight.
-Goji berries stimulates the body to produce an enzyme that prevents premature aging. It is used for rejuvenation and longevity in traditional Chinese medicine.
-it is useful to add to Goji milk soups, porridges, dishes with goose, duck and mutton.
-Green tea can be made from Goji.
Goji is especially sought after during seasonal viral infections. Pour a spoonful of Goji berries with a cup of boiling water. Let stand covered for 30 minutes. Drink a third of a cup two to three times a day.

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