Magnificent posters/billboards from some ancient times

cover page:
Magnificent posters from some ancient times
The key message of the world’s health posters/billboards from some ancient times was that a healthy lifestyle and physical activity lose weight, cure diseases and thus save nations. At the state level, a healthy lifestyle was much more important than it is today. There were free actions for population examinations, health services, treatment and operations. Today, most people immediately go to private doctors instead of government services. The examination is paid and the service is the same. The world of health posters really looked fantastic, triumphant and fairy tale. Children are laughing, adults are doing some activity, mothers are holding smiling children in their arms, smiling people are harvesting grain in the fields and cultivating the land in the fields. On the posters, all the girls are honest, the mothers are caring – this is a world where goodness and truth reign. And indeed when we look at some old black and white film made in accordance with that time, we feel the soul, the talent and the meaning of life. We can still find some old magazines and magazines in libraries in small and remote places. If we compare the content of these magazines with the content of today’s magazines, we get the impression that the old magazines are interesting and demanding and written for little geniuses. Public posters were one way of informing the population. Experts, painters, psychologists and linguists worked on the posters. The essential information was to be conveyed in one sentence so clearly as to provoke an instant emotional reaction. The gestures on the posters are simple and easy for ordinary people to understand.
These posters were hung on railway platforms, corridors of state institutions, in restaurants and hotels. They presented the problems of the society of that time (alcoholism, hygiene, nutrition, help for children and adults after the world wars, the role of the mother in the health of the child, etc.). At the time, some of the existing problems were regular health check-ups, neglect of children and frequent abortions. The era shown in movies and posters at the time was aesthetically appealing. It is usually dominated by three positive, warm and existential colors — white, blue, and red. Well-known artists most often designed and painted posters and explained that white and red are in harmony with human nature, although the most important use is the color of the sea and sky and the symbol of freedom. From the ugly past and wars, that unconditional darkness on the posters was painted towards noble gestures and parts in the service of self-denial and sacrifice for the family and society. The people on the posters were never tired and exhausted but determined, happy and ready for new ventures.
On the posters of that time, people smile believing in a better tomorrow and thinking of ways to build themselves better and help their family and society. Health posters and all other posters were written and painted invitations and instructions for a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. This is a wonderful idea on how to spend time with younger family members, occasionally painting and drawing potential motifs for some future posters and generations.

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